Days Black People Not Re-Enslaved By Trump

Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Speaking Of Ghost Towns

This sounds like a discussion I had with the father of Corey Stingley who asserted that store thefts by African-American males is a common thing as to not warrant much commentary.

First I'll just say Bouie is an idiot for making that assertion. Because by saying that he is saying that all black people, have at some point in their lives robbed stores. How else could his classroom be a proverbial ghost town?

The second thing is, how bad does Bouie make black folks look to make such a claim in public? Really sir? You believe that just about all black teenagers engage in robbery? With black spokepersons like that I don't need racist white people (liberal or conservative) around.

Lastly while it's not robbery, I have pointed out in a few posts that the rate of murder in various black communities (I was focusing on Camden) as population control:

I looked at an article on a Boston high school in which the school in question had 1842 students. A 67 person murder rate, over ten years would see 1/3 of the school population disappear. That doesn't include the shooters. If we add the shooters, then over ten years 1340 persons no longer in the population due to being dead or being put in jail for the crime. That would be close to an entire school population gone every 10 years (of course many, if not most murders go unsolved and so the number of shooters do not match the number shot. Also as with other crimes, one person may have killed multiple people. Therefore the math would be off by quite a bit but is still alarming considering that even unfound killers are a drain on the communities they live in). Multiply that by all the mostly black communities spread out across the United States. Every 10 years black folks in America eliminate one school's worth of people in each of their communities.
Now that IS alarming no?