Days Black People Not Re-Enslaved By Trump

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Proper Horse - Cart Orientation

So just now I was watching the news when this guy, didn't note his name, said that the "police need the community to do their jobs". I beg to differ.

Why do the police exist? In a completely perfect world, they exist to act as a deterrent from crime. Failing that, because some people are undeterred by the presence of people licensed to kill, They are there to apprehend those who have committed a crime, preferably alive.

Why do they do that? Because "the community" wants / needs to be safe so that they can live their lives. Police are a part of the larger social contract that allows every day people to not have to learn how to shoot or other forms of self-community defense and can spend their time doing other things.

In other words police exist in order to secure a community. It is the community that needs the police doing their jobs. NOt the police that needs a particular community. If a particular community decides that it is going to harbor and defend those who engage in criminal activity, then the police have no job to do there.

If you don't believe that then let the police exit those places where the residents claim they are "occupiers" and see what happens. Hint: It won't be pretty. Think Crack in '85.