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Monday, May 15, 2017

And Now We Destroy The Poverty Argument

The Poverty argument is as follows:

It is poverty that fuels gun crimes in black communities, not race. Therefore if you reduce poverty you reduce (or end) gun violence.

Now lets see how false this argument is and destroy it once and for all. And remember: I am not saying it, EXPERTS are saying it:

The overall rate of firearm assault was 5.0 times higher (95% confidence interval [CI] = 4.5, 5.6) for Black people compared with White people. Firearm assault rates were higher among Black people across all victim residence incomes. Relative risk of firearm assault reached 15.8 times higher (95% CI = 10.7, 23.2) for Black residents in the highest-income block groups when compared with high-income White individuals. Firearm assault events tended to occur in low-income areas and were concentrated in several “hot spot” locations with high proportions of Black residents.[My underlines]
So let us clearly understand the underlined portions:

Regardless of income black people commit more gun crimes than white people do.

In case you think we didn't read that correctly:

Absolute rates for firearm violence decreased to near zero for White populations residing in the highest-income areas. Across all income levels, however, firearm assault rates remained higher in Blacks.
Though white gun victimization (and criminal acts) go to near zero for whites as they climb the income ladder, Black people STILL exhibit high levels (relatively speaking) of gun victimization AND criminal activity. Still not understanding?
Black residents of block groups with incomes greater than $60 000 per year had firearm assault rates similar to those of White residents of areas with incomes between $20 001 and $30 000.
So called "middle class blacks" have higher rates of gun violence victimization (and perpetration) than poverty struck white people.

It is Clear as a bright sunny day then, that ANYONE arguing that black gun violence is the result of poverty is a liar and a fraud.

n fact, Black residents of the city’s wealthiest block groups had the highest relative risk of firearm injury when compared with White residents. Therefore, unlike previous research in Chicago, race does not appear to be a surrogate for economic status in determining violent firearm injury risk in Philadelphia.3 Rather, our findings echo those of Kalesan et al.,5 who found that nationally, Black children were more likely than White children to be hospitalized with firearm injury regardless of neighborhood income level.[my underlines]
I would suggest that the Chicago data is WRONG and needs a revisit.

As I have said here repeatedly. Black Lives Matter is a fraud. White liberals who are pushing these theories are frauds who are literally getting black people killed.