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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

A Lesson In HBD

So yesterday I posted a little image about loser mentalities that included a photo of Usain Bolt murdering the 100 meters.

This picture is a reminder of how people do not understand (h)uman (b)io (d)iversity. Here we have a picture of the fastest [known] humans in the entire world and what do we see:

1) There are no women. This is not to knock female athletes. But the fact that none of the fastest humans on earth are female tells you that there is a fundamental biological difference between men/males and women/females. This very fact is why so called "transgenderism" is a fraud. Full stop.

2) There is no one who is not black. In particular not descended from West African stock. Yes there have been a few non-blacks in Olympic finals but that is a rare event.

3) Even among the elites of the elites, Usain Bolt is in a league of his own. Understand that he is not even TRYING at the end. He could have made a better time. I want to spend time here because this point is important. As certain people of certain political bents like to say, we are 99.99 (actually 97) percent alike genetically (Europeans have a relatively large amount of neanderthal DNA that is not present in [unmixed] African populations. For the sake of argument lets go with the 99%. That itty bitty difference in genes that the group of finalists in the picture have puts them at the far right of the distribution curve for speed. Bolt has that extra itty, bitty, infinitely small genetic variation that puts him far to the right of the rightmost of that right group.

It could be just a different encode of his fast twitch muscles. It could be a combination of fast twitch muscles and leg length encoding. I don't know but whatever it is it is variation on an already "winning" variation shared by all the runners. Here's the thing. If such a small amount of difference can have such a profound different at the most elite of the elite, imagine the difference between these "apex runners" and the ones who are "better than average" but failed to make the cut.

Question: Is there anything that the group that failed to make the cut, could do that would make it so that they can keep up with Bolt?

Question: If not, is there anything that those who failed the cut could do to keep up with these finalists?

Of course the answer is "nothing". Those who failed the cut will never be as good as these apex runners. No amount of nutrition. No amount of training. They will never become the apex runners.

Now lets talk human intelligence. the brain is subject to the same genetic pressures and expression as any other human characteristic. The merely average will NEVER be as smart as the most intelligent. It cannot happen. Certainly improvements can be made but they will never be parity. The elite group will continue to outpace, out produce, out perform the merely average.