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Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Chicago, Alton Sterling and The True Face of BLM

If you are a lover or hater of black people, you don't look forward to the newspaper reports on the first workday after a summer holiday. For lovers of black people this is because we know that in cities like Chicago and Baltimore there will be a not unusual high body count of mostly black men who have been shot or stabbed, but mostly shot, by other black men. We will be further saddened by the fact that white liberals with their pet negroes will do everything in their power to excuse this behavior by placing the blame on anything ranging from inanimate objects to television advertisements featuring "rich" white people. They will lie to our faces as they try to claim that black on black crime "isn't a thing" and that other races have similar levels of crime (they do not).

Unfortunately this July 4th weekend did not fail to deliver.

Yes, even Google's autocomplete knows the deal. 60 people shot in Chicago:

he homicide victims included a man in his 30s who police found shot in his abdomen, another man who was found shot dead in a lot across the street from an elementary school and a 31-year-old man who was killed outside his father’s auto shop. The wounded included a 5-year-old girl and her 8-year-old cousin, who were each shot in the leg as they played with sparklers Monday night, the Chicago Tribune reported.

The city tallied 72 homicides for June, and homicides were up nearly 50% for the first half of 2016 compared to the same period last year. The city is on pace to record well over 600 homicides for the year, a bleak yardstick that Chicago last surpassed in 2003.

Johnson and Mayor Rahm Emanuel have blamed lax laws that allow gang members, who are responsible for the bulk of the gun violence, to return to the streets relatively quickly.

You'd be forgiven if you had no idea that 60 mostly or ALL black people were shot with 7 dead in Chicago because over in Louisiana one Alton Sterling was shot by a police officer.

Yes, While there was nary a peep out of BLM quarters about the usual bloodshed in Chicago (which currently has had more shootings that NY and LA combined), There were massive protests and online signifying from the usual quarters about Alton Sterling.

As I have learned from the recent hoaxes and misrepresentation of BLM persons, I waited to see the evidence for myself and I had one question:

Were directions given and were those directions followed?

See, if you look at Ferguson, Garner, Grey and others the one thing they all had in common was that the victim refused to follow directions. I don't know what kind of self-preservation motives these people have but you follow directions first and get the lawyer after. And these days lawyers will work your case for free if you have a legit claim. So I went in search of the video.

Right there in the beginning of this video: "Get on the ground! Get on the ground!" Did Alton get on the ground? No. So we can seriously argue that had Alton followed directions that he would be alive today.

Now I also thought this may have been an Oscar Grant situation because I thought Alton was on his chest (face down). After reviewing a second video:

I realized this was NOT the case. Sterling was face up which means that the officers can reasonably argue that they thought Alton was reaching for a gun given that he had not followed earlier instructions (more on this later). Now I'm not making the case for the officer but the evidence is not on Sterling's side. But if you looked at twitter commentary you wouldn't know this.

Then we have to deal with why the officers were there. We know that an "anonymous" caller said that there was a man outside the store who pointed a gun at someone. After all the things that has gone on recently with shooters, anyone with half a brain knows that calling the police about a man with a gun is going to get a very aggressive response. Was this caller trying to get Alton killed?

On a side note, this is also a possible argument as to why, in a country where one has the right to possess a firearm, calling the police about a man with a gun, warrants any response at all. You'd think that in a country with a second amendment, the police would respond with:


But back to the main point. As a civilian you have to understand that a police officer is generally not going to be passive when it comes to certain crimes. Since you don't know why an officer is approaching you it would be in everyone's best interest to put the officer at ease by making it clear you are not a threat. After that is established you can argue about why you have been detained. Before I close let me address the point made by the black woman in the second video. She made the claim that because Alton was "subdued" that the officer did not have grounds to pull his gun or shoot. This is what happens when you get people who don't know what they are talking about, but have the "right" politics to speak on your program. If this chick had a clue she would recall that Trayvon Martin had one George Zimmerman similarly situated. Martin was allegedly hitting Zimmerman's head against the ground and yet Zimmerman was able to get his gun and shoot Martin point dead. Therefore any claim that just because Alton was down that we was subdued is false. As Trayvon Martin found out, until or unless you have total control of your opponents hands, you are still in danger.

So there we have it. Black Lives Matter only cares if the black life in question is assaulted by some white person (preferably police), but doesn't matter in the least bit if its a part of the day in and day out killings in our communities by our own community members. Black Lives Matters exists to get it's leaders paid ($165k for one of them) and to ease the guilt-suicide complex of white liberals who enable BLM members by giving them access to media outlets. BLM doesn't care about you or your dead in Any-hood USA. If this doesn't prove it to you then you are probably beyond help.