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Sunday, June 26, 2016

Was Brexit A Test or Measurement

Those of us paying attention know that the global elite have been using immigration and created refugee producing events to change the demographics of various nations. This is commonly referred to as "importing a new people." As with the proverbial frog that doesn't realize it is in boiling water until it is too late, by the time the native population realizes it is in the throws of colonization, it is often too late.

So I submit this proposal. Brexit vote was a test of how much change has happened in England. There have been a multitude of charts and reports of the breakdown of the voting and two patterns stand out to me that I find most important: 1) Areas with large percentages of foreigner citizens (ie: Not British) had the higher levels of remain. The only group that really stood out in this regard were Sikhs. That deserves a study in and of itself.

2) The younger you were the more likely you were to vote remain. Put another way, the less work you put into England, the more likely you didn't really care about nationalism. Also, the younger the person, the more likely they are to be left leaning and therefore to be averse to anything one would regard as "racist", "Xenophobic", etc. Another way of looking at it, the more likely you had lifelong indoctrination of the leftist type via the educational system, the more likely you were to be a EU-phile (Not necessarily a EURO-Phile which is entirely different).

Now that the powers that be know exactly how many percentage points they need to finallytip the political balance in their favor, talk of "new referendum" in x many years starts to make sense. In a few years, the elderly Exit voters will pass on. Immigration will continue unabated (can't be xenophobic). Lastly more children who have been indoctrinated will become of voting age. Viola. A new voting population more amenable to the wishes of the elites.

This of course is speculation.