Days Black People Not Re-Enslaved By Trump

Saturday, June 04, 2016

Memorial Day Weekend in Chicago

While the public was hollering about Harambe, those of us who were actually concerned about black lives read in disgust about the 60 shootings with 6 dead in Chicago. The NYTimes, which has lent it's pages to making the BLM movement legitimate by acting as if police were the biggest danger to black folks this side of the Slave Trade, has a report on that weekend:
From Friday evening to the end of Monday, 64 people will have been shot in this city of 2.7 million, six of them fatally. In a population made up of nearly equal numbers of whites, blacks and Hispanics, 52 of the shooting victims are black, 11 Hispanic and one white. Eight are women, the rest men. Some 12 people are shot in cars, 11 along city sidewalks, and at least four on home porches.
52 of 64 people (that's 81%) of the shooting victims were black. One (1) white person was shot (1.5%). This confirms the known statistical fact that blacks commit murders at 7-8 times that of the white population. Also according to liberals all groups of people should be equally represented (or at least in proportion to their population in a given geographic area) in all things. Yet it is clear that even though blacks and whites represent a roughly equal proportion of Chicago's population, they simply do not volunteer to do the same things when it comes to criminal activity.
And so the logic of one Chicago mother, who watches another mother weep over her dead son in their South Side neighborhood, is this: She is glad her own son is in jail, because the alternative is unbearable.

“He was bound to be shot this summer,” she says.

When members of a population come to believe that jail is safer than freedom you know you have a problem. I cannot even IMAGINE a scenario where I would think it better for a family member to be in jail rather than at home. Not only that but such a mentality undermines the claim that the police are more of a danger than other black people.
Mayor Rahm Emanuel is also pushing for a quiet weekend. At a community event promoting nonviolence on the South Side, he greets men playing basketball, watches children draw, and compliments a mural underway, which reads: “Hearts Up. … Guns Down.”

A few hours later, the shooting starts.

Murals are not the solution.
The police have made no arrests in the case, and a motive is uncertain. Mr. Lindsey was arrested just a day before on a domestic battery charge. He was released on bond.

Neighbors say the shooting shows that the violence is trickling onto blocks that had long been considered safe.

To paraphrase Dr King: A threat to community safety anywhere is a threat to community safety everywhere. You cannot move to another place to be safe unless the habits and customs of that place are non-conducive and intolerant of criminal activity. If you live close to somewhere that has little respect for law and life and you too have little respect for law and life, then those who have little respect for law and life will come to where YOU live with the same results.
Three years ago, he and his wife consulted a Google map before moving here, trying to see if there were people hanging out on the corners. He’s happy with his choice – even though he estimates there have been gunshots on this block about 10 times. “You get some gunshots every day in some neighborhoods — every day,” Mr. Edwards says. “So I say 10 in three years, that ain’t too bad.”
First, had this been a report in which a white couple was looking at Google Maps to see if there were "people" hanging out, they would be called racist.

Second, when you are in a position where hearing or seeing 10 gunshots in three years is considered "ain't bad", then you have a very low set of expectations for your life.

The doors are open at the Universal Missionary Baptist Church in Austin, on the West Side, and a steady stream of people are dropping off rifles, revolvers, even replica guns — 61 weapons by the end of the day. Some are rusty. Some date to the 1920s. Most donors walk away with gift cards for $100, an incentive paid for by the city to get some firearms off the streets.

“That’s one gun gone,” says Cordelia Brooks, who turned in a weapon that had once belonged to her grandfather and had barely been touched in years.

First: As if new guns can't be purchased or obtained.
Second: How many of these guns have bodies on them in which the owner/killer is now immune from prosecution?
Third: If a gun hasn't been used in years, how was it a part of the problem? Did she expect it to up and walk out in the street and fire itself?
Police officials say most shootings involve a relatively small group of people with the worst ratings on the list. The police and social service workers have been going to some of their homes to warn that the authorities are watching them and offer job training and educational assistance as a way out of gangs.

Of the 64 people shot over the weekend, 50 of them, or 78 percent, are included on the department’s list. At least seven of the people shot over the weekend have been shot before.

For one man, only 23 years old, it is his third time being shot.

This is another known fact that must be kept in mind. The vast majority of black folks do not commit criminal acts. Nor are the vast majority of black folks victims of criminal acts. When you look at the data, there is a persistent and deadly underclass that is involved in these activities. Unfortunately instead of coming to the aide of the victims of these groups BLM would rather spend time defending the very people terrorizing the people trying to live an upright life in the "pool" with these wayward individuals. This is why I have no patience for or good words to say about BLM.
About a block away from the Lexington Street shooting, a fight breaks out. Now the anger is aimed at arriving police officers.

Distrust of the police flashes on the streets, again and again.

A lot of fucking nerve that.

Absolute morons. The people who MOST need to cooperate with police don't. Must like those 10 gunshots in 3 years.

So crimes go unsolved. In 2015, the authorities made arrests in just over a quarter of that year’s approximately 470 homicides. That only frustrates residents and fuels resentment.
Because police work is like it is on Law and Order. Everything is solved in under an hour. If it's not happening that way the police must not be doing their job.
She was cleaning ribs in the kitchen when she heard the gunfire and dropped to the floor. Now she smokes a cigarette and sinks her head into her hands.

“I hate the person that invented guns,” she says.

Meaning you hate white people...the ones who invented the thing and somehow by some kind of magic manage to not shoot 60 of their own over the weekend. But you know I understand why black people are fixated on the object. One of the problems with our indigenous (traditional) religions is that we had a habit of imbuing objects with spirit. Even today you can go to places where if you touch sacred objects (or taboo objects) people will freak out and go into a mental state. They literally fear the object itself. Now I understand that the object is merely a representation of some spirit or some concept and thus is disposable but it is a very large leap in thinking to get to that point. For too many black people "guns" are like those taboo objects of our past. It isn't helping that white liberals encourage such thinking.
“There’s always retaliation,” says one resident near where a 17-year-old was shot in the arm, insisting that her name and photograph not be published. “I don’t want them to come back and kill me.”

Retaliation drives a good share of Chicago’s violence, scarring bystanders and relatives and, in a notorious case last year, killing a 9-year-old boy whose father was in a gang.

Residents say it has gotten worse in recent years as gang structure has shifted. Some are vast and highly organized, while others span only a few blocks. New gang names pile on top of old ones, and they can change rapidly. So can their boundaries. And while once the violence associated with gangs was largely related to drug disputes, lately it is driven more by basic rivalries over turf and dominance, the police say.

And here we destroy the "poverty as prime mover" argument from the liberal war chest. This is about impulse control. These young men lacking guidance and impulse control terrorize their neighborhood. It's not drugs. It's not poverty. It is a way of [not] thinking.

Someday we'll all get serious about crime in black communities and we'll be the better for it.