Days Black People Not Re-Enslaved By Trump

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

The True Left Being Exposed

Before Barack Obama was elected I saw a disturbing trend among black left folk. They were quick to overlook certain statements he had made that had they been uttered by a white person would have been deemed racist and disqualification for any political support. Later once Obama got in office, all these "Ameri-KKK-a is an imperialist power that must fall" revolutionaries suddenly became all "MY president".

0.o Wait. Just 6 months ago the entire system was corrupt and had to be torn down. Now it's "My president"? Really?

Then when Obama had the Somali "pirates" killed. I thought for sure they would revert to form. No other white president did anything like that. Nope. "He gotta do what he gotta do."

Oh. Alright then. Then when NATO went and ousted a sitting African head of state and funded the group that killed him and posted the video for the world to see. I thought these folks would wake up. Nope. "Well Ghaddafi had issues and if that's what the people want..."

What the entire fuck?

So called Black revolutionaries who went on and on about US intervention in Africa were excusing and explaining away the US (and Europe's) toppling of an African head of state.

I have since cut ties with most of those people. I cannot stand hypocrites and don't keep company with them.

Then once the Obama admin got rolling I watched as feminists took off and went out in left field announcing that not only are all men rapists unless taught otherwise but that if a woman so much as makes a claim, she should be believed. I could NOT believe that black women were cosigning this bullshit as if Emmitt Till simply did not exist. As if thousands of black men had not been murdered on the say so of some woman. Speaking of lynching, during the Ferguson foolishness we actually had people calling for lynchings of white people. I mean shit. How do black folks in America get to that point?

So yes, the election of Barack Obama showed the real face of far too many black folks. Now we have Donald Trump. Whether you like him or not his candidacy has exposed the left and much of the right for the treasonous organizations that they are.

We have candidates and administration officials making the claim that anyone who enters to country. Legally or otherwise is the same as a born citizen. We have sanctuary cities who are willing to have citizens killed so that non-citizens who are trespassing can live free. Never mind that all of this is contrary to long established law that these persons are sworn to uphold.

Government officials conspire to import workers (often in direct violation of law) that they know displace citizens and it's not called what it is: Treason.

By opposing Trump's stated positions on immigration, so called refugees, the opposition has openly declared that they put the things that are important to non-citizens (both within and without) ahead of citizens. How is this NOT treason?

Illegal immigrants and their children violently disrupt secret service protected events, a federal crime, while flying the flags of foreign countries who send agents to the US to directly influence the elections and there is NO response from the current administration. How is this NOT treason? Leftist groups like MoveOn, rather than condemning the violence of people it supported (including financially) and the direct involvement of foreign governments to meddle in US elections instead attempt to "blame the victim". MoveOn et al are traitor organizations and should be treated as such. They have moved far beyond issue advocacy when they aid and abet foreign nationals to violate US law in order to influence elections.

And now the latest. Chris Matthews on the latest violence by Bernie (and or Hillary) supporters at a Trump rally:

After coming back from a commercial break, Matthews said of the protests, “I don’t think they’re that violent.” And asked, “How do we assess to which Trump is igniting these kinds of things by the locations he’s selecting?”

Matthews further asked whether Trump campaigning to the Southwest is “taunting, encouraging. I mean, this happened in Chicago, when they went to an urban school with a large minority population, a large campus population of minorities. Trump chose to have a rally there. He eventually had to shut it down. Is that intentional?” [My underlines]

What? What? There are now "no go" places for American citizens seeking highest office?

When the hell did this happen?

Maybe these nitwits forgot that not too long ago in America there was a thing called the Civil Rights movement. The purpose of said movement was do break down the barriers of full rights of citizens for those who were being denied those rights. Before that, there were placed black people couldn't go, sit or eat. There were places where black people had to make sure they left before the sun went down. Where people who were aligned with organizations like the NAACP had to fear for their lives because people who thought like they did and advocated ideas they advocated for were unwelcome and could be lynched. We fought to end that shit and here is Chris Matthews suggesting that in 2016 America persons shouldn't go to certain places because the populations there may be violent towards them. This is coming from The Left.

Yes Like him or not Trump has exposed the left and much of the right for what they really are and who they really serve.