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Friday, March 25, 2016

Je Ne Suis Pas Belgium

In the past I have been very sympathetic to the European countries and victims of the terrorist activities. I was under the very mistaken impression that these folks had little idea what their "leaders" had been doing to their countries. I thought they didn't quite understand what the EU was doing to their once sovereign states. I was very mistaken.

Any sane people would not invite persons hostile to their culture and peoples to live among them in large numbers. They would not allow them to create "no-go" areas of insular communities where the police are afraid to enforce the national laws. If you don't believe me look at Japan. Look at China. Look at Hungary. Look at Poland. The leadership of these places understand exactly who they represent. They are not afraid to be proud of who they are and they do what they must to maintain their identity. To be blunt, they are not traitors.

The French leadership and a large percentage of their population are traitors to their own countries. I'm not going to beat around the bush with this. Let us state it plainly and clearly. The French got what they had coming to them. The Belgians have gotten what they had coming to them. The Germans, and all those countries who have invited hostile persons to leech off their governments while large numbers of their people assault and rape citizens. Each of them will continue to get what they have coming to them until they are either made to completely submit or they rise up.

After the mass killings in France, the political elite of that country banded and conspired to prevent the National Front, the only party with the interest of the French nation at heart from getting majority votes in places it was doing extremely well in the first polling. But it would be a mistake to place all the blame on the elites. The French people saw what the parties were doing and went along with it. The majority of the French people conspired with the "leadership" to deny FN wins. Why? Because they didn't want to be seen as racist. This desire is so strong in these people that they are completely willing to have their fellow French citizens, their countrymen killed. If they care so little about their nation and people then I I could care even less.

That the killers were living in Belgium and freely travelled between countries and their neighbors knew who they were and did nothing to cooperate with the authorities in the country they supposedly called "home". makes it clear that these people are hostile inhabitants that should be removed. I'm sure some idiot reading this is thinking Japanese internment. I'll note that as far as is known, no Japanese in the US during WWII were randomly blowing themselves and other people up. They weren't running up into dance halls and concert halls killing people. To me that difference matters. A lot.

Beyond that the so called leadership of Belgium has even gone to the extent of not funding arts by actual Belgians because it is "too white". This pathological hatred of Europeans by their own kind is unprecedented in history. Certainly Europeans did some extremely bad things in their time, but the pendulum has swung to such an extreme opposite that Europeans as a collective seem to have no sense of basic national self-respect.

And the citizens have apparently decided that it is more acceptable to live in what amounts to a police state with military personnel wandering around with high power automatic weapons and giving the state more and more surveillance powers than to be "right wing" and do the one thing that would provide for their safety and liberties: Remove the threatening population.

When the first reaction of the press after Islamic terrorism is to warn about Islamophobia and how Syrian refugees are not a problem you know that the people are lost. So no, I am not Belgium. Belgium doesn't even want to be Belgium. They made their bed. The bedbugs are now biting.