Days Black People Not Re-Enslaved By Trump

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

The Donald Strikes Back

Establishment media and politicians are shocked and awed that Donald Trump has decided to skip the last debate before the Iowa Caucuses. They are trying to say that this shows that Trump can't handle the media and therefore cannot handle being head of state. As usual the establishment is wrong.

Last week the establishment went out of it's way to go against the Republican front runner. The National Review has endangered it's 501c3 status by publishing a collection of essays AND editorializing against Trump. Many other establishment outlets have allowed their outlets to be used to do an "anybody but Trump" blitz. So what does Trump do?

In a stroke of daring genius Trump has said that if the establishment wants to shit on his candidacy then they won't be making free money off him. All the Republican debates with Trump in them have been maga hits for ratings. This means that they are very good sources of advertising revenue for the hosts. Why should Trump allow them to make money off of him while they do everything they can to stop him from winning?

Don't be distracted by the Megyn Kelly reporting. That's not the real deal here. Kelly is a useful idiot in this drama. This helps Trump among any group that is tired of the establishment status quo. With this move Trump shows that he's willing to go large when he goes against his adversaries. This is real alpha male leadership. This is leadership that doesn't respond to polls it determines the polls. To put a sports analogy out there. Trump is skating to where he wants (or sees) the puck to be, not where it is or has been.