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Saturday, April 04, 2015

What Is Freedom of Association or FROM Association

I was all set to write a linked up piece on the STUPID uproar about the Indiana (and 18 other state) law re-enforcing religious freedom but this dude went and did a video that says what I was going to write. SOOO here you go:

Credit to Countenance Blog. Yeah, deal with it.

Update: I want to point out ONE minor issue I have with the video. When he comments on the idea that those against the law think you have no right to have a business. I think he understates the issue. I believe that evidence shows that the actual line is that you have no right to LIVE.

Think about it. They want to tell you what to think and say when you are employed by some private company. People who have spoken in ways not approved of by certain people, have had their employers contacted and have been fired. Say now that person goes and opens their own business to do business with whomever they want to (within legal limits not discussed now). Now they want to tell them how to operate their business. So if you cant be employed because of your views and you can't be self employed due to your views, then essentially they want you to drop dead.