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Monday, April 06, 2015

Answer Wrong On Diversity Question Get Denied A Job

From Mashable:
Under Pao's leadership, Reddit has also begun asking candidates to talk about their thoughts on diversity. Pao told The Journal that Reddit "did weed people out" based on their answers.
Mind you this is totally legal. But lets be real, a candidate's opinion on diversity at a tech firm trying to do tech work is irrelevant to his or her qualifications to work. What is actually happening here is a blacklist of sorts, where if you don't hold the politically correct view on diversity you can't be hired. Then what's going to happen is you get fired if it is discovered you don't hold the "proper" views.

And don't think it's going to stop there.

As for the rest of the article it's a pretty sad country where when a person loses a case on all counts folks treat the person as a hero and winner. You'd think the people being given the kudos would be the ones who prevailed. Of course this is like the whole UVA case of NOT rape, where everyone who matters is afraid to simply call the chick a liar.

She told a reporter a story that she knew could not be true therefore defaming an organization. The reporter ran with the story with flagrant disregard for journalistic integrity. The publication published the piece without any regard for journalistic integrity and no one is being fired.

The fraternity in question has plans on suing and I hope those plans include the president of UVA who took sides in the case and applied collective punishment on the greek letter organizations on that campus (every one of them should sue UVA). The fraternity where the non event didn't happen had it's property vandalized due to a incitement by Rolling Stone and UVA and they should be sued into poverty for that.

It is high time for women and group who promote false stories to be held to severe account. Pao should not be seen as a hero of any kind. She should be seen as someone who made a false accusation that is damaging to women everywhere. Kleiner-Perkins and whoever else should double down and make it clear they will do NOTHING different, because they did NOTHING WRONG.

But anyway, that quote above shouldn't read "under Pao's leadership..." It should read "under Pao's witch hunt...." because that's what it is.