Days Black People Not Re-Enslaved By Trump

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Witness 14

One of the two most credible witnesses I've read thus far. Had this gone to a trial, this witness along with witness 11 would likely have sunk the prosecutions case. While I disagree with this witnesses assertion as to what was "necessary". I applaud and deeply respect his stated motives for coming forward and telling his story.
..and so after uh, weighing ourselves, and I'm not coming forward, what I'm coming forward now now because it's weighing on me. You know, but uh, the reason I hadn't, I hesitated is because one I live in the area, two if the things that was said by other people who, which is not really what happened and I was a eye witness to living out there if you go against what they are saying, I think they might nut up. Uh, go crazy...
Allow me to stop here for a minute. This guy has stated unequivocally that what was being said in August by "other people" was wrong. I repeatedly pointed out various outlets and characters who were repeating information that was wrong. These outlets and "reporters' ought to be named and shamed and put out of work. Secondly, it is a sad commentary that our so called "black leadership" helped to create and/or foster an environment where truth tellers had to hesitate before telling their truths. That is completely unacceptable.
If I see it at any time that this is gonna cause or bring....or bring any drama towards us or...., it's ended.


I'm sorry.

It's ended. Okay.


So, uh after talking to.....cause....was adamant for me not to say anything. not going to say anything but is really scared. Um, I talked it over with another fan....the other family members and let 'em know that it was weighing on me and uh I decided after seeing and hearing certain civil lead...civic leaders say certain things that I know, they were true but not quite accurate. And I want to set it straight, because the family needs to know what actually happened.... Okay, on the day of the incident I always sit, I stay on the floor, my bedroom window. I can look straight down Canfield towards west Florissant. And I was at that time, I was looking out the window and I happen to see two young men coming down the street, but they were in the middle of the street and I was like what the heck are they doing? Why are they in the middle of the street? I didn't really think much of it because a lot of people walk out in the street. I've walked it, but a closer to the curb, but I have walked in the street. A lot of us do that. And then I saw the police truck and he passed him a few feet and then he backed up. When he backed up I knew something was about to happen, so I got up and went to the door and I came out and stood on the porch. By the time I got there they were tussling, in the car, it looks like, I don't know if the officer had grabbed him or the boy reached into the car. I didn't see that part. But, I dispute the fact that the officer was out of that truck. He was not. They were wrestling in the truck, 'cause when he was wrestling with him I saw something fly. I don't know it if was a hat or something, then I heard a shot. "Pow." The boy backed up and ran and I'll show you in a diagram. And he got to a certain spot which was maybe 25 30 feet maybe more. You can measure it, I'll show you. And when he turned to face the officer he raised his hands but he didn't raise them all the way up. He raised them up and looked and you could see that something was on his hands and he looked down like he was looking at his side and he looked at, and then he turned and faced the officer like what happens why ya know. I gonna, I don't know what was going through his mind but if I had a guy shot I would have came at like why did you shoot me or ya know whatever. The officer exited the vehicle came around back he's about, at the, well I can't say he was on the passenger side but he wasn't quite at the end of the truck-....

The officer the boy was still standing on the, on the, on the partially on the parking lot and on the grass. 'Cause he had ran that way. The officer came out came around got into his stance. And he said "stop."

I'm gonna pause here for a minute.

Right here we have felony assault on a peace officer. Then we have what can be reasonably thought to be attempted murder of a police officer and on top of that failure to obey police commands to stop moving.

Because the boy looked up at him and he took two steps, about two or three steps. Pow, pow he fired off about three rounds and he hit him the boy kinda wiggled. And when he came back up he had the weirdest look on his face and he started coming forward. Not in a, like he was trying' to attack him, it's like he's coming to him like to plea with him stop. The officer did say, "stop, stop, stop." Well after the third time, he let loose. And the boy was coming forward slowly. Real slowly. But you could see that he was hurt, 'cause he was like this. And rocking back and forth. He wasn't in a upright position he was kinda hunched over. And as he was coming forward and he fired off the volley he was falling. He didn't fall to his knees, he fell straight down. And as he was going, he kept firing. He kept firing. Until he hit the ground. Okay.
Now this witness is a witness meaning he really cannot speak to whether the Officer viewed Brown as threatening. What is significant here is that he says that Brown was ordered to stop 4 times and ignored those commands. What person in their right mind looks at a cop with a firearm pointed at them, telling them to stop and still moves towards the cop?

Was Brown suicidal? I'm going to skip a bit of the statement.

..And after that it was everyone started coming from the back, saying "oh my God. He had his hands in the air, tellin' him don't shoot, don't shoot, don't shoot." He never uttered a word [ my underlines]
This credible witness to the entire event has demolished the "don't shoot" narrative.
,because after hit that that that second boll...first vole, he could. it was like he couldn't talk. He was like, cause he couldn't believe what was happening. You know. And he was kinda and I'm going to say it again. He was walking forward. But not in a menacing way [note: Once told by a police officer to stop, any walking movement in any direction is seen as a threat], he was coming to him as if me, stop or something. It awe, after he said the last time the officer said stop, he just let loose. To me he was already injured. If he had not fired that last volley, I think the boy might have survived. "cause it looked like he hit him here, okay. But as he was going down, I don't know where the bullets hit him. You know, all I saw was his body going down and the guy, and he was steady firing. Okay he st...he never came out of his stance. You know and I know you, do both of you know what I am talking about?

Okay, and like I said when that happen that's when everyone come back and all of them start saying things like oh he was on his knees, and when they shot him he shot him on his knees. Uh, then they came by and and they said oh he was laying down and the officer came and shot him in his head. No, he may have, if he does have a head shot it was because he was coming down [Note: I already diagrammed exactly how that head shot would have happened. This witness who saw the events supports that supposition]. That's the only way I could see it. Okay, I've fired weapons, I've been training myself, I've gone to gun ranges and everything else. As he was coming down that the only way I could see that...if he was hit in the head, it was as he was falling. He did not intentionally shoot him, walk up and shoot him in the head but he did not have to fire that last volley [note: in his opinion but he wasn't the peace officer so his opinion doesn't mean anything.]. That's what killed him, to me. Because he didn't look like he was ready. You know. He was, to me and I'm going to say it, he was executed. He had made up his mind he was going to kill him. Because he was a big guy but that big guy was on his way down after that first volley. He wasn't getting ready to go down. And then when he started shooting again he was really coming down. And that's all I have to say about that. [ My underlines]

This is where I diverge from the witness. The peace officer doesn't have the luxury of being on the porch watching it all go down and then like quicksilver from X-Men, jump up and move shit around. By the witnesses own words, Brown was told to stop four times. That he was still moving after the first volley rather than, you know, stopped, he brought that second set on himself. Also, by the autopsy, we know that the other shots hit him in the arm. That may have hurt but that was not going to bring him "down".
And I'm going to re-iterate, when he fired that last volley which he did not have to do [note: in his opinion], that boy was gonna go down [note: he knows this how?] And he might have lived because if they could have got the EMT's to him they, right then he may have lived. [note: by the autopsy that is a correct statement since brown only sustained other shots to the arm]...He had no intention of letting him come, move [note: which is how police operate]. None. Maybe he got caught up in the heat of the moment or whatever was his intention I cannot read that officer's mind, but he did not have to fire that last volley [note: because though he cannot read the officer's mind, he can read the officer's mind as to know that the officer didn't think it was necessary.]