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Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Message To Democrats: It's The Law Stupid

*Sorry for typos and stuff, just wanted to get this out before I read too much that influenced my thoughts*

So what happened Nov. 5? Actually the question should be why did Nov 4 happen. If you read the comments on the NY Times the reasons are: Republicans (AKA white men) hate women. Republicans (AKA white men) hate Obama. This would be shocking demonstration of simple mindedness on the part of many of those on the left is partially why Nov 4. happened. While there are definitely those in the Republican camp that do not like Obama in the least bit (I've read their material), the “hate women” theme, prominently trotted out by the Cuomo camp in the last weeks of the NY gubernatorial race, holds no water whatsoever and is a part of the reasons for the events of Nov 4. I'm going to lay out the epic fuck ups that Democrats committed in just the past year that caused the election results to go the way they did.

1) Hobby Lobby: Essentially Obama and his crew decided that not only should the government force people to pay for other people's sexual activity choices, they went so far as to attack the very foundations of US law: the Constitution.

I explained at length that the freedom to exercise one's religion is an enumerated right in the Constitution and therefore any sane and uncorrupted court had to find in favor of Hobby Lobby. The facile argument given by the court dissenters that somehow one cannot establish and run a for profit business in accordance to one's religious beliefs were untenable. The attack on Hobby Lobby was seen correctly in many religious circles as an attack on a foundational right of the citizenry.

That this attack on foundational freedom of citizens to freely practice their religions was doubly insulting as it was couched as an attack on women in general.

Minor point On a court decision note, the hysterical dissent to the Michigan Affirmative Action case by Sotomayor was also a factor though I cannot honestly say by how much. Like the Hobby Lobby case, this case pitted an executive order and some employment decisions against the fundamental political rights of citizens. The proper party lost because Affirmative Action is not a right while the organizing of referendums are. But I won't belabour this point.

2) Middle East: Obama not only abandoned his supposed “anti-war” roots with his attack on Libya, he had the gall to tell the public that he did not need permission or authorization from Congress to do so. He was rightly taken to task by certain members of Congress, none of them Democrats (as far as I recall). How a party that took the White House and Congress based on the outrage of the lawlessness of Bush could sit back when Obama was doing the same thing demonstrated a clear hypocrisy of the party.

In addition to that was the total mishandling of Syria. Now there are two parts to this depending on whether the voter was a “regular Republican” or a member of the “dissident right”. The former embodied by the likes of John McCain had issues with Obama not doing enough to unseat Assad and to aid the “rebels” to fight for Democracy. On the other side were “dissident right” types who agreed with my position (and a number of people on the radical left and a LOT of the moderate public) that the US had no business in the Syrian conflict. They saw, correctly it turned out, that the rebels were, as Assad said, fronts for terrorist groups. The whole “red line” bullshit only went to show that Obama had no clue what he wanted to do. One thing the party “in charge” should not have is a head that appears to not have a clue or to have the guts to do what he says he would do (Congress notwithstanding). Of course, even WORSE for Democrats and Obama was that Assad turned out to be right and the Syrian rebels turned ISIS and started mass murders and world viewable beheadings. This then became linked with immigration, but we're not ready to discuss that just yet.

3) Russia and Ukraine: Like the Middle East, Obama and co. completely messed this up. I pointed out the many instances of flat out lying and misinformation coming not only from the White House but also from major media outlets on the matter. Apparently these folks think that the American public still lives in a US where the major media outlets control the flow of information. They apparently did not realize that US citizens have the ability to read media from other countries right there on their cell phones and work computers. They have no clue that there are a good number of websites (and blogs like this) that report on actual verified information.

Mind you there is an element in the current Republican party that thinks that war with Russia is a good idea and that they have more voice now than before is certainly problematic. But as Pat Buchanan pointed out in his various articles, past presidents, Republican and Democrat alike never made the issue of Ukraine and other satellite countries of Russia a national priority. Why would Obama make it so. So when Russia took [back] Crimea and Obama could do nothing but talk, it once again showed him to be weak and/or weak. It would have been better for Democrats and Obama to have said nothing, particularly since it was essentially known info that US agents had a hand in the coup in Ukraine (and that is exactly what it was).

4) [Illegal] Immigration: If nothing else aside from Ferguson woke many people up in America as to how much Democrats hate a significant portion of the population, it was the response to illegal immigration. Democrats did everything wrong in response to the “surge” in illegal crossings into the US. The law proscribed that all those persons be deported. Period. Instead of following the law, which they had sworn to uphold, they spoke nonsense about these persons being “americans”. They asked Congress to approve millions of dollars to “help” these persons. How else can you describe such a request but a slap in the face of the millions of unemployed, disabled and otherwise needy US citizens by asking for millions of dollars to help folks who have no legal right to be so much as in the borders?

And it wasn't just white people that saw this idiocy. A lot of black folks, who are disproportionately in fields in which illegal immigrants compete saw this for what it was. Never before have I seen Republicans get more than single digit percent of black votes. They broke 10% last night.

It did not help that a number of candidates debated in Spanish. Should never have happened. That put people on notice that the new immigrants from those countries are not interested in basic assimilation.

It did not help that the new media reported on these spanish language adverts in which they said particularly nasty things about Americans (non-latinos) in order to get support for Democrats.

It did not help that Obama announced that he was going to enact [another] Amnesty via executive order after the election in a blatant move to help Democrats at the polls. This showed yet again a blatant disrespect for the basic function of American government: Congress and Executive are equal co arms of government and it is the job of congress to legislate and the job of the executive to execute those laws.

The Democrats have made it quite clear that they wish to remake the demographics of the US. I'm not going to comment on the value of such an intent, but the language used has made it clear that a certain population of men (white, heterosexual and Christian) are persona non-grata in their vision of America. I wrote some years ago that such a blatant disregard for the rights of said population would result in some not good responses. One of them was Cliven Bundy. I expect more of them too.

Then came Enterovirus. Curiously spreading across the US right after illegal immigrants were dispersed. Quite a coincidence. Then Mr. Ebola in Texas.

On top of this was the collusion of big money people on both the left and the right to fund legal immigration in the face of staggering job losses for citizens. By some estimates that I have read, the bulk of jobs created in the US have gone to immigrants. That simply should not be happening. The first job of any government is the welfare of it's citizens. When you have tech companies shedding jobs and importing H1B workers at cut rate wages (and in a recently reported case, below minimum wage, 'cause they “didn't realize it”) you don't import workers.

Couple that with the increasing automation of jobs Democrats (and Republicans) have been dropping the ball. Republicans gained on this issue because when there has been a real discussion of immigration and it's impact on citizens, it comes from a Republican. So Republicans as a party get the credit via a halo effect of sorts. If Democrats were not so busy “creating a new people” as the dissident right puts it, it would take notice of the world of hurt their current immigration policy (not enforcing immigration laws) are having on it's citizens.

So immigration played a large role. If anyone on the left has not read Jeff Sessions writings and floor speeches on the subject I would advise them to do so.

5) Ferguson: This was and will continue to be one of the largest public fuck ups by Democrats and liberals in general. Keeping it on a strictly political realm, that the US atty general took his butt to Ferguson and declared that he was a black man (thereby implying strongly which side he took in the matter) was a signal to many white Americans that US law is not with them. When I say “with them” I don't mean in the Slave or Jim Crow days way. I mean in the basic, innocent until proven guilty, lets get all the facts way. It put them on notice that even the suggestion that if they defend themselves against an attack they will be called racist and be given little regard in the press. This is very dangerous.

These citizens have witnessed knock out games and other attacks that are clearly racially motivated, swept under the rug and called everything but a hate crime. And while they were already [wrongly] miffed about the Trayvon Martin case, the public videos of looting, the suppression of actual facts known very early in the case, by major news media damaged the already tattered reputation of Democrats as being soft on crime. Believe me when I tell you, In my readings on the subject on various sites, many now former liberals were turned by what they saw in regards to Ferguson.

6) Gun Laws: This also was a showdown between enumerated rights and Democrats hell bent on punishing certain segments of the population. After Newton, various states rushed to pass silly laws to restrict access to firearms and ammunition. Though mischaracterized, the vast majority of gun owners have no problem with background checks. But Democrats were not satisfied with that. They wanted limits on magazines. They wanted to tell you what kind of gun you could buy. NO matter how many times it was pointed out that criminals who want guns do not care about ammo magazine limits, gun type limits and the like, Democrats insisted on passing laws that made criminals out of law abiding citizens (Connecticut I'm looking at you). Mike Bloomberg put a lot of money into these attacks on an enumerated right in Colorado and got three representatives recalled (I think one quit before she could be put out) and apparently cost them at the polls.

Never mind that no amount of background checks would have stopped Newton or any other shooting done by someone who was deemed mentally competent and who had a clean criminal record at the time of purchase. Democrats played the fear card (something they never pass the opportunity of accusing Republicans of doing).

Message to Democrats: Stop fucking with enumerated rights.

7) Gamergate: Not really Gamergate but what Gamergate represents. Gamergate is really a stand in for the continued “war on women” angle that the Democrats have been playing for two election cycles now. What has been going on over the past 2 years is a very aggressive, almost weaponized version of feminism that has gotten the White House to bandy about flat out wrong statistics on sexual assault (which includes rape) and harassment. It is getting tiring to hear the same lies told over and over again. Once again, it appears that Democrats think that people can only get information from certain media outlets. Unfortunately for them, every time they trotted out the 1 of 5 lie about rape on college campuses, not a few well researched responses appear. You can even see in the comment sections of MSM where folks have wised up to this bullshit stat. Yet the president and VP continued to insult and attempt to shame men into taking responsibility for actions they had nothing to do with. To add insult to injury this administration actually pressed colleges and universities to make it easier to convict persons accused of sexual assault or rape. This put millions of college age men at risk for false accusations. Somehow Democrats thought that married men and women would somehow be OK with threatening their sons with a completely ruined life at the whim of some college woman who had drunk (not passed out) sex with some guy she met at a party.

I hope Democrats have seen the exit polls and how badly they did with married folks (men and women). No loving parent thinks their kid should be subject to a kangaroo court over drunk sex. Single white women who want the government to force others to pay for their birth control pills may be good with that, but women with actual responsibilities and attachments to men don't much go for that.

That's my overview of what happened. I did not mention the Affordable Care Act because not only has that ship sailed, but whether you like it or not depends on whether you got hit with an increase or whether you got a decrease. People vote for self interest. So it's not so much ideology but more a “did I get something out of it”.