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Monday, October 20, 2014

Stolen Water

Reading the Detroit News:
But a woman said her water bill jumped $600 after neighbors helped themselves to her outside faucet, using it so often they broke the handle.

The woman, Barbara Russo, said she didn't blame her neighbors for their actions.

"If you treat people like animals, you can only expect them to behave like animals," she said.

See that's theft. You can't blame the government for neighbors who steal water for their own use and who don't even have the decency to knock on your door and offer to pay you for the water they use. See this "I have a right to free shit" is THE problem in this whole thing.

Mind you it's not everybody.

lls, have led to residents helping neighbors by giving money, jugs of water or running hoses to their homes.
My hat is off to these people practicing collective work and responsibility and cooperative economics. They either understand or will understand it is this concept that lead to the building of water works in the first place. And why it is how civilization grows and spreads. But those people who stole $550 worth of water from Barbara did so NOT because of the water shut offs. No. They are WHY there are water shut off's in the first place. They are the people that feel that they have a God given right to take what other people have worked and earned. The have no regard for anyone except for themselves and only see other people and institutions as something to game and exploit.