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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Forensic evidence shows teen shot at St. Louis officer, police say

Gunshot residue tests and ballistics evidence indicate that Vonderitt D. Myers Jr. fired a gun at a police officer before being fatally shot, police and union officials said Tuesday.

The police department issued a statement saying that forensic scientists from the Missouri Highway Patrol crime lab found gunshot residue on Myers' hands, shirt and inside the waistband and pockets of his jeans. Police said that although gunshot residue can be present on anyone near a shooting, the results show levels consistent with Myers being the shooter, because the police officer was standing too far away.

The residue also was found on Myers' right hand only, police said.

Lets compare that to witness testimony:
State and city leaders have urged the Justice Department to investigate the death of Vonderrit Myers Wednesday night, fearing he was targeted because he was black. Police say the white officer who killed Myers was returning fire, but Myers’ parents say he was unarmed.
The Griot They said he was what? Unarmed?
Late Thursday night following a quiet candlelight prayer vigil for Myers, hundreds of people joined a more rowdy gathering to protest his death.

“This here was racial profiling turned deadly,” state Sen. Jamilah Nasheed, a St. Louis Democrat, said at a news conference Thursday.

A candlelight vigil for a known criminal. Really? I told ya'll about these fake revolutionaries
Syreeta Myers said her son was holding a sandwich, not a gun. “Police lie. They lied about Michael Brown, too,” she told The Associated Press by phone Thursday.
Well sure there are police who lie. Guess who else lies?

I know folks are all mad at The Ghost for keeping it 100% and not lying or covering up information to keep on the "right side" of the topic. But see, The Ghost won't be getting you killed for his ego career or blog traffic. Who else is gonna do it?

There are a lot of white liberals riding this on some MLK Jr, Civil Rights Movement fantasy. There are a lot of black "wanne be relevant" "leaders" out there trying to make press for their books and trying to get speaking engagements. I'm telling you black folks...these folks mean you no good at all. They wish to keep you all like babies. The Ghost wants you to get up and stand up on your own. You should want that too.