Days Black People Not Re-Enslaved By Trump

Monday, December 23, 2013

I Suppose This Is "Enlightenment"

Read a piece in Counterpunch in which one Joy Freeman-Coulbary (Yes, FREEMAN, *heavy sigh*) was quoted as follows:
As woman of African, Irish, Mexican and Native American descent, married to a husband of Senegalese and Portuguese descent, I believe that intermarriage contributes to inter-cultural understanding and diminishes racial prejudices and tensions. The less we adhere to “race,” the less racism persists. Romantically, it’s also spicy and thrilling to defeat our hardwired biases and find love in the less familiar…
Yes, and fuck you too. I meet a lot of moos, usually those who are bi (or whatever) racial who like to make such claims with blatant disregard to how racist and insulting it is to the rest of us so called "pure breeds".

Basically this chick (can you tell I have no respect of her?) is saying that if all of us were like her and her fuck buddy, we'd all be understanding because you know folks can't be not racist unless they get all mixed up.

Total bullshit.

Oh and not only that. the rest of us "pure breeds" are having less spicy and thrilling sex because, well we're not fucking mixed.

The fucking horror.

All the spicy and thrilling sex I'm missing because I am not adequately mixed.

Yes and fuck you too lady.

You know this "less black is best" is common among enslaved populations and among those who have been colonized by white people. I guess this chick never thought about that.

Yes, I'm being THAT harsh because comments like that are fucking out of order.

Oh yeah, fuck you Sam Smith for co-signing that bullshit.