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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

A Small Point About That Pew "Evolution" Survey

I read a lot of commentary in regards to the report that 48% of Republicans do not believe in Evolution. It mainly was the type of "Republicans are stoopid see?" When I read the report I noticed that nearly 30% of Democrats and nearly 30% of Independents also think that felis domesticus was walking around in the Garden of Eden with the dinosaurs (no doubt laying with lambs). Personally I don't think it's pretty much to crow about cause 30% is a rather large number even if it is less than Republican numbers. However there is another reason for the increase in percentages of Republicans believing that Dinosaurs and humans roamed the earth at the same time: Less people identifying as Republicans.

I'm pretty certain that the trend noted in the linked piece has continued to whatever extent. I believe that those who were on the side of evolution probably are Independents or Democrats now (more likely Independents) so I'm almost certain that a significant portion of the change is due to the shrinking base of Republicans and the defection of more scientific minded ones to other parties.