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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Kerry's True Colors

These past few weeks have shown the world John Kerry's true colors. It's not that they weren't on display before but since his rise to an administration post with international dealings, John Kerry has shown us just how craven and two faced Democrats have become.

I rarely, if I ever recall, agree with Ann Coulter *managing to avert a bit of barf welling in my throat*, but she has the current Democrats pegged when she wrote the following:

Kennedy's successor, Lyndon B. Johnson, escalated the war in Vietnam in order to prove that Democrats could be trusted with national defense. Which they cannot.
Though the rest of the piece leaves much to be corrected, that comment absolutely describes Democrats of late and John Kerry in particular.

Let us recall that then Senator John Kerry sat by while a citizen in an "open forum" meeting was tasered by the police (or security) because they objected to his line of questioning. That one act convinced me once and for all that John Kerry was a coward. How does a supposed representative of the people sit by and watch one of the people be abused by state authority?

This coward sat in his seat the entire time while a citizen exercising his supposed freedom of speech and possibly his freedom to petition the government for redress of grievances, was assaulted by multiple officers.

Kerry kept his seat.

Now this coward extraordinaire finds something in his pants that he thinks are testicles and attempts to push the US into war. This guy who was supposed to be the 2004 Anti-Bush (tm). The former "anti war" soldier who "famously" tossed his medals was supposed to be the Democratic "peace" presidential candidate.

So yeah, it seems Kerry is doing exactly what Ann proposed. Nice to know he cares more about the well being of Syrians than about citizens right in front of his face being abused by the state.

Democratic party symbol is the donkey.

Fits Kerry perfectly.