Days Black People Not Re-Enslaved By Trump

Friday, September 20, 2013

48 Hours.....

So last night I'm watching 48 Hours Mystery. At least that's what I think the show is called. I know they have 48 hours (which turned out to be 4 months I think) to solve a murder case. In this one a 40 year old going to get chicken from a fast food place was bum rushed and shot. I don't usually watch the show but this one I decided to for whatever reason.

A couple of things were just sad about that episode: When they went to arrest the shooter and were putting him in the car, I noted that he was particularly cut (as in fit) and guessed that he had done time in prison before.

I was right.

See, I don't get the whole I been to jail and trying to go back thing. But we'll get back to that in a few.

So then this guy is being questioned by the detective because apparently this guy shot another guy a few hours later while attempting yet another robbery. The way he explained it was that victim no. 2 at the hotel, kinda figured he was being set up and refused to enter the room. So this guy went out to "convince him". When the victim put up resistance, this guy, O.J. decided that such resistance offended his sensibilities so "I shot him".

And that's how he put it.

"So I shot him." Plain as day. Like there was nothing unusual about it.

Then when he was being questioned about victim one at the chicken place he says: "Well you know, I don't just shoot people."


After just stating how he shot a man for resisting his attempts at robbing him, he straight faced told the detective that he isn't the type to shoot a man who is resisting being robbed.


Then once this guy understood he was going back to jail, he starts with the crying.

Oh. NOWWWW he's sad.

Don't give a damn that he took two lives. Not a tear shed over that.

This "man" feels sad 'cause his butt was headed back to lockup with not one but two murder charges.

Then here comes his mother. This woman calls her son "fat daddy" and "baby".


Hugging his ass. What?

See this is part of the problem. your grown ass offspring is not a baby. You need to stop calling your grown ass offspring "baby". And what is this "fat daddy"? Why are you calling your child "daddy"?

Your offspring is not your daddy and you shouldn't refer to your offspring as daddy, with the possible exception of father's day.

Instead of upbraiding his ass for the two murders he willfully committed and telling him he's a piece of shit who apparently didn't learn from the first stint in jail and so now is returning on two murder charges like he NEEDS to be told. This "mother" was there cuddling him like he was a 3 year old.

Talking to him like he was a child rather than a grown man who once again brought shame and disrepute on hims AND his family by taking the lives of two people.

Until we change our attitudes to our children and increasingly grown "men" making mayhem in the places where we live (I strain to call them "our communities" since "we" clearly do not "control" them) we are going to continue to see this kind of behavior.

Just last night 13 people were shot at a basketball court in Chicago at 10PM. Why, on a school night and work night were people out on a basketball court at 10PM?

Allow me to suggest what folks should be doing at 10PM:

Sleeping. Reading. Studying for job training or school (or GED if applicable). Working.

Folks don't wanna hear all that. Let me go and write about how the super-agency white folks are responsible because they want their guns and so we cannot outlaw them and keep ourselves safe.