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Thursday, May 02, 2013

Hands Off Assata...Again.

So the State of New Jersey has gotten the FBI to put Assata onto the FBI's most wanted list.

Showing the complete disregard to the very real problems that exist and existed in NJ in terms of racial profiling and general harassment of "Black radicals" under the direction of COINTELPRO, an FBI creation. Seriously.

From the Assata Shakur site:

a. The three official investigative reports prepared by Harper, in which he wrote that after he stopped the Pontiac, he ordered Sundiata to the back of the car to show his driver’s license to Trooper Foerster who had arrived at the scene. That Sundiata complied without incident. That as he looked into the inside door of the Pontiac to check the registration, Foerster yelled at him and held up an ammunition clip. He stated that at the same time Assata reached into a red pocketbook, removed a gun from it and fired at him. That he immediately ran to the rear of his car and fired at Assata, who had emerged from the car, and was firing at him from a prostrate position alongside of the Pontiac. And it was at this point that he shot her. (admitted into evidence)

b. His Grand Jury testimony where he swore under oath to the truth of the statements he had made in his 3 official reports. (admitted into evidence)

c. Trial transcripts of his testimony at both Sundiata’s and Assata’s trials where he admitted, under cross-examination, that he had lied in all three of his official reports and in his Grand Jury testimony. That the truth was that Foerster had never shown him an ammunition clip; that Foerster had not yelled to him; that he had not seen a gun in Assata’s hand while she was seated in the car; that Assata did not shoot him from the car; and that he had not seen a red pocketbook.

Believe me. The FBI (and by extension a whole lot of people) hope that black folks and their so called "leadership" are so enamoured with having a Black president that those who remember will stay silent. They are also confident that a younger generation of black folks will have NO CLUE and NO interest.

I've frequently said to those who would listen that if the laws existed today were in existence back in the 60's and 70's,practically the entire black freedom movement would have been labelled terrorists and shipped off to Guantanamo or whatever black site existed then.

“This crime was always considered an act of domestic terrorism,” Mike Rinaldi, said New Jersey State Police lieutenant and member of the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force in Newark.
Hopefully there are a enough people to see this for the slap in the face that it is. How the FBI, THE organization that created and implemented the well known COINTELPRO program, could call Assata a terrorist is completely out of order.

And lets be clear, Assata did not drop a pressure cooker full of would be shrapnel in a public place and set it off. She didn't fill a truck with explosives and set it off in front of a federal building. So in essence by calling Assata (and by extension the BLA) terrorists is to put them in the same league as Osama Bin Ladin, Timothy McVeigh and the Chechen brothers.

Let's see what Cory Booker has to say on the subject. He's quite willing to speak on other topics. Lets see what Keith Ellison has to say. He seems to be good with aiding those who rebel against oppressive governments. I wonder if he has any words about Assata.