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Friday, May 24, 2013

Gun, Drug Texts Feature in New Trayvon Martin Shooting Evidence

The defense team for George Zimmerman have filed "new evidence" in the form of texts and images from Trayvon Martin's phone.They claim that if the prosecution goes after Zimmerman's character they will go after Trayvon's. This will surely fail.

Why will this fail? It will fail because not one of the items listed is relevant to the case at hand. Even if Trayvon Martin was a stone cold multiple killer, rapist and paedophile, he still has the right to walk down the street unmolested by self proclaimed neighborhood watch.

Even if Travon Martin smoked 10 bags of weed prior to walking to the store. Even if he had pictures in his cell phone of him actually shooting someone, he had a right to confront a person who was following him. He had the RIGHT (and in some states the OBLIGATION), to run away from someone who he felt threatened by.

When the case goes to the jury the evidence will show that only one person that night was a threat: Zimmerman. Zimmerman was the one following Trayvon, whom he had never seen or had any other prior knowledge of. It was Zimmerman who, against the advice of law enforcement professionals who exited his vehicle while armed and chased/followed Trayvon who was minding his own business. It will be shown that Trayvon was the one acting in self defense against a person who was following him both in a vehicle and on foot.

The prosecution will, if they have any talent at all, will ask the jury to imagine what they would think if a strange man in a car was following them down the street at night while they were trying to get to their home. The prosecutor will ask them how theywould feel if they realized that the same "strange man" who they spotted following them in a vehicle suddenly appeared on foot in front or behind them.

No juror who does not intend to commit jury nullification will be able to deny Trayvon's right to defend and confront Zimmerman, because they too know how they would feel.

The only thing that will keep Zimmerman out of jail will be prosecutorial overcharging. I still maintain that there is not enough evidence to convict Zimmerman of any crime that requires malice or ill intent. Zimmerman will claim and provide evidence that he was acting in concern for his neighbors. His interest in law enforcement along with his activities as neighborhood watch will serve as reasonable doubt on the matter of malice. The only way to guarantee that Zimmerman goes to jail is to charge him with something along the lines of criminally negligent homicide. Zimmerman was clearly negligent when he exited his vehicle to follow/confront Martin against the advice of law enforcement professionals. He put his own life in jeopardy by exiting his vehicle. Zimmerman created the dangerous situation to which he claims he was defending himself from. Zimmerman is responsible. He was negligent. He should pay for that.