Days Black People Not Re-Enslaved By Trump

Monday, October 05, 2009

Capitalism: A Black Story

Didn't need Michael Moore to tell me about Capitalism.
Cause I roll with poets that woulda told ya: America's a corporation.

And we,
we been the supply that sated it's demand
for when cheap labour wouldn't do
and indentured servitude just wasn't economical.

The only people who landed here as property on Native property
like a chair, table, cat or dog.
The only one's who's tax rate was written into the constitution.

while people talk about the south, the trade of me and mine
built both new and old England
From stock yards to stock markets
Insurance to investment houses
We were bonded before Barry swung a bat.

And don't think Walmart been the the first to take out policies on employees
this goes way back before super stores and super markets
When you could get paid if someone injured your slave
And I'm sayin'

Didn't need a movie to clue me in
Been known about evictions, tear stained trails
and broken contracts.
back when men in white sheets, nooses and shot guns announced your eviction
and you hoped you made it out with the clothes on your back and neck in tact.

And our encounters with the bio-tech industry goes way before Tuskegee.
Like how 3/5 woman with 1 master race made a lighter shade of slave.

But that's capitalism that a Lowes can get paid to show a white man talk about the evils of Capitalism and gets applause.

Cause George Jackson caught one to the head, and Fred got Diallo practice for speakin' on the same things. Moore gets props and Panthers get jail time and run out the country.

So I didn't need Michael Moore to tell me about Capitalism
I learned what I needed from that Moor Eric Williams.