Days Black People Not Re-Enslaved By Trump

Monday, October 12, 2009

475 + Tax

She was 475
plus tax.
Auctioneers fee? 10 percent.
payment must be made in full
and merchandise removed from the premises
or storage fees will accrue.

Property of southern gentlemen
passed on to kin
for their enrichment.
she was 475
plus tax.

All sales final
no refunds for those found defective
resistant to orders
or prone to escape.

Profitable Young Thing
A slave in the state
where secession rose
to keep her a slave.
where Vesey tried to free her.

TV stations and scholars try to clean it up:
"she had a child"

No she was 475
plus tax
and raped
just say it.

Negress of prime breeding age
easily worth more
guaranteed to work hard for you.
a wonderful investment.

News casters aghast at mentioning
that national past time
but it's past time
she was
plus tax.

direct from Angola
Impregnate her and she can breast feed your kids
perfect handmade for the missus.
she can be an errand girl by day
and concubine by night.

Only in America
said with pride
but how many people act proud about rape?
like maybe she wanted it
like maybe she gave consent
be moved from state to state
weighed, felt up,
hips measured for future property progeny.

And like Sally Hemmings
She survived.
Like millions
like the ones Marley sang about
survivor of long treks
and floating caskets
seasoning stops
and auction blocks
where she
went from African
to property
plus tax
and auction fees.