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Monday, April 06, 2009

Obama's Rabbi

Yet another confused Negro who's roots are clearly in West Africa but finds himself in Canaan.

Not only spends way to much time trying to get white jews to "respect" him, but has the gall to want to mass convert Igbo's to Judaism.

Why don't these people just wear a great big sign that says: "I am ashamed of my ancestors." Seriously. I'm real tired of Negroes who find thier religious awakening in other people's religions and whom have not even spent time studying or even practicing the religions of their ancestors. I'm tired of these Negroes getting press and air time. Tired of it. Why not spend some press on black folk who went back and picked up the religions of their ancestors? Those practicing Ifa, those who go directly to Khemet?

Where are the articles in big so called "Mainstream" presses where folks say right out that they call God Olodumare, or Chuckwu or Amen-Ra? Where are they dropping science on the Khemetic origins of Islam, Judaism and Christianity?

Noooo, We get articles about black folk who need blessings from white Rabbis. Black folk trying to convince Arabs that they are good Muslims. Black folks trying to convince the Pope they are good Christians.


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