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Friday, March 17, 2006

Autumn's Poem: What The Real Problem Is

Let me begin this post stating that I knew of Autumn before this whole thing happened. Furthermore; I know and have worked with Autumn's father: Bro. Ashanti. He is very much down for the people so it is with some conflict that I post this piece. The Amsterdam News posted an article entitled: Seven-year-old poet defended, praised in which we find the following:

Some in the media were less than thrilled by her “White nationalism is what put you in bondage: pirates and vampires like Columbus, Morgan, and Darwin drank the blood of the sheep, trampled all over them with steel, tricks and deceit.”

Well I didn't have much of a problem until I saw the part about Darwin. Now I asked myself what exactly does Darwin have in common with Columbus and Morgan (JP?) besides complexion? The answer to that question revealed itself:

He explained that they worked on the poem together after reading “The Disasters Darwinism Brought to Humanity.”

Ahh I see. So what exactly is this book? A quick Google of the title finds the following site: in which we find the following:

The 20th century, which we have just left behind us, was a century of war and conflict, leading to disasters, pain, massacres, poverty, and enormous destruction. Millions of people were killed, massacred, abandoned to hunger and death, and left without home or shelter, protection, or support. And all for nothing: in the name of serving deviant ideologies. Millions were left exposed to inhuman treatment that not even animals should be allowed to suffer. On nearly every occasion there were despots' and dictators' signatures beneath all the suffering and disasters: Stalin, Lenin, Trotsky, Mao, Pol Pot, Hitler, Mussolini, Franco… While some of these men shared the same ideology, others were enemies to the death. For the simple reason that their ideologies were opposed to each other, they dragged societies into conflict and turned brother against brother, having them start wars, throw bombs, burn and destroy cars, homes, and shops, and hold riotous demonstrations. Putting weapons in their hands, they had them pitilessly beat the young, the old, men, women, and children to death or stand them against a wall and shoot them… They were ruthless enough to hold a gun to a person's head and, looking into his eyes, kill him, and crush his head with their feet, just because he supported another idea. They ejected people from their homes, whether women, children, or the elderly…

Fascism and Communism come at the head of the ideologies that caused mankind to suffer those dark days. These are seen as enemies, as ideas that tried to destroy each other. In actual fact, there is a most interesting truth here: for these ideologies were nourished by a single ideological source, drew strength and support from that source, and, thanks to that source, were able to draw societies to their side. At first sight, this source has never drawn any attention, has always remained behind the scenes up until now, and has always shown people its innocent-looking face. That source is the materialist philosophy, and DARWINISM, the state of that philosophy as adapted to nature.

Darwinism emerged in the 19th century as the restating of a myth, dating back to the Sumerians and Ancient Greece, by the amateur biologist Charles Darwin, and has since then formed the fundamental idea behind all the ideologies that have been harmful to mankind. Wearing a so-called scientific mask, it allowed these ideologies and their supporters' practical measures to win a false legitimacy.

Another site says:

Almost five thousand years ago… In the fertile soils of the Middle East, pagan religions prevailed in Mesopotamia,. These pagans generated a number of myths and superstitions about the origin of life and the universe. One of these was the belief in “evolution”. According to the Sumerian Enuma-Elish epic, life first appeared spontaneously in water and then evolved in one species from one another.

Many years later, the myth of evolution found fertile ground in another pagan civilisation, Ancient Greece. Some Greek philosophers, calling themselves "materialists", accepted only the existence of matter and counted matter as the original source of life. Consequently, they resorted to the myth of evolution, inherited from the Sumerians, to explain how living beings came into existence. Thus, ancient Greece became the junction point of materialist philosophy and the myth of evolution. The pagan Romans later cherished this heritage.

These two concepts from idol-worshipping cultures were introduced to the modern world in the 18th century. Some European intellectuals influenced by ancient Greek sources who accordingly adopted ‘materialism’ with one common belief: they were completely against the very idea of monotheistic religion. The book by the renowned materialist, Baron d'Holbach, The System of Nature was considered the "principal source of atheism."

Now see, we've been lead to believe that it is only fundamentalist Christians who have serious issues with Darwin. Ahh Soooooooo! I won't get into my problem with the whole "pagan" commentary. I mean I could easily, EASILY write a book entitled "The Disasters that Islamism Brought Humanity" or equally "The Disasters that Christendom brought Humanity" and it would be seen as an unprovoked attack against peoples beliefs even if the content was factual (if not out of context).

Indeed this is the problem with the Darwin quote in the poem. Yes there is a thing called "Social Darwinism" and all kinds of nasty thinking that used Darwins Origins of Species as a foundation of those ideas. That does not mean that Evolution as a scientific theory (with much supporting it) is invalid.l Indeed young Autumn is unprepared to read such a book with a critical eye. For example the book and websites claim that there is no scientific proof of Macro-evolution. That is completely false. In fact such support for the theory of Evolution comes from a wide variety of fields of study.

This brings me to another point:

Barron presented Ashante with a special proclamation from the City Council. “We don’t care what anybody else says, we are proud of you because you spoke out for us. She said nothing that was not true or inspiring,”
I'm sorry brother Barron, Autumn was not speaking for me since I have no real qualms with the theory of evolution. This smacks of the kind of anti-intellectual, scientifically illiterate people I deal with on a constant basis. Just because what was said angered a few white people doesn't make it correct and damn sure don't make it "Black."

Anyway, I hope to hear more from Autumn as she grows up and finds her own voice, if she's like the other poets I know, she'll be writing a poem about what she used to believe.

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