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Sunday, March 13, 2005

Haiti: The Misleadership Continues

Last year I wrote on how I departed with my peers on the issue of US intervention in Sudan. My position then as it is now, is that such interventions do not address the base issue of self-hate among the peoples in the countries. My position is that taking the long look at history wherever the European has gone and "intervened" in the internal affairs of African countries, there has been a high level of dependancy and a decreased willingness among the parties to reslove their own conflicts in the interests of all. Instead "leaders" do whatever they think the "intercessor" will like (or let them get away with). The common people usually see right through this and become disgruntled eventually leading to yet another "miltary crisis" of some kind. Of course when the regime tries to "protect" itself up rises a couple of "opposition parties" who are clandestinely supported by the same "interventioners" who cause more conflict. At no point does anyone really realize that the so called opposition have no plans for the people, but rather plans on getting into office and the money that goes with it.

Last year we saw this in Haiti with the overthrow of President Aristide by the "opposition." now we see this from a report in the Sun Sentiinel:

Violence is rampant with more than 400 people slain since September because of political instability. United Nations forces are unable to maintain peace.

"The only hope I have now for the country is that somebody will take it over and run it for us," said Kathy Holley, a Pembroke Pines resident who participated last year in South Florida demonstrations against ousted President Jean-Bertrand Aristide. "We have to be the most unlucky country in the world. No matter what we do, we can't get the country together."

When 500 prisoners escaped from the National Penitentiary on Feb. 19, many Haitians called for Latortue's resignation. Some were the same people who called for the removal of Aristide a year ago.

Again we have yet another set of people who having supported the removal of the democratically elected President, now wish to have "someone" take over the country. The descendants of those who were first among the enslaved Africans to throw of Slavery and found the first black republic in the Western Hemisphere, now wish for "someone else" to take over. Well let's be real here. Haiti has been taken over for cheap labour. But only some of these clueless Negroes are just now beginning to realize just how stupid they have been:

But Lucy Orlando, a Haitian American activist living in Weston, said she borrowed money against her house last year to finance bus trips to New York and Washington, D.C., for demonstrations calling for the ouster of Aristide. She thought the country would have made more progress by now.

"I feel very depressed and very disgusted about what's going on in Haiti right now," she said. "I don't call it freedom or liberation. It's condemnation because Haiti is worse than before."


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