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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

The Cuba Conspiracy

Long time followers of "The Ghost" know that we are huge supporters of the Chavez regime in Venezuela as well as being against the illegal embargo of Cuba by the US. In our zeal to support Chavez and in our euphoria over his re-election this past August we were blinded by what is now a clear plan by the US to destabilize both countries. Over at CounterPunch James Petras gives us the rundown in an article entitled :Fateful Quadrangle

US strategy toward destroying the Cuban revolution is increasingly following a "two step" approach: first overthrow the Chavez government in Venezuela, cut off the energy supply and trade links and then proceed toward economic strangulation and military attack. The "two step" strategy against Cuba, involves the elaboration of a calibrated action plan to overthrow the Chavez government.

The US strategy against Cuba involves a joint US-Colombian attack of Venezuela backed by internal terrorists and the ruling class. This indirect attack on Cuba, involves complex, external preparation in cooperation with Colombia. First of all Washington and Uribe have greatly strengthened military bases surrounding the Venezuelan border. Secondly "trial military incursions" involving both Colombian military and paramilitary forces occur on a regular basis ­ testing Venezuelan defenses. In 2004 six Venezuelan soldiers were killed, a number of Venezuelan officials were bribed to kidnap a Colombian resistance leader and numerous cross border attacks killing and kidnapping Colombian refugees took place in Venezuela. Thirdly the US has provided nearly $3 billion dollars in military aid to Colombia, tripled the size of its armed forces (to over 275,000), greatly increased its air force combat units (helicopters, fighter bombers), provided advanced military technology and several thousand official and "contracted" military specialists. Fourthly Washington has recruited the Gutierrez regime in Ecuador, invaded Haiti, established military bases in Peru and the Dominican Republic, and has engaged in navy maneuvers just off the Venezuelan coast in preparation for a military attack.Fifthly Colombia (under US tutelage) signed a joint military-intelligence cooperation agreement on December 18, 2004 with the Venezuelan Ministry of Defense, providing the US with "inside information" and serving as a possible source of infiltration of the Venezuelan Armed Forces to counter pro-Cuban officers.

Now some casual reader will think this to be unthinkable, but is it? Lets look at the recent history in Venzuela where the now Secretary of State Condi Rice professed her support of the coup makers (so much for Democratically elected governments), shortly after they briefly took over the government in Venezuela. Condi et al were soon to be disappointed when the people put thier man back into office. Now why on earth would the US administration openly support a coup? Well it's not the first time. Recall that Saddam Hussien came to power with US Guns and a Coup in Iraq. So clearly when their is some political objective, Coups are ok. What is more surprising but now completely understandable is the mention of Haiti. The "local" military apparatus that operated to remove Aristide from power was trained in the Dominican Republic. So now we see why there needs to be a "friendly" nation on that end. Now the question is why would the US go after Venezuela and Chavez who has stated numerous times that he will keep normal oil business (which is what the US is really interested in that country for) with the US? The answer is here:

The Chavez regime provides Cuba with petrol at subsidized prices in exchange for Cuba providing a vast health and education program for the poor of Venezuela. The Cuban-Venezuelan political and economic ties have undercut US efforts to force the Caribbean and Latin American countries to break with Cuba. As a result of past and present failed policies of directly attacking Cuba, the Bush administration has turned toward destroying Cuba's strategic alliance with the Chavez regime.

Imagine that. Venezuela actually does business with Cuba, which instead of exporting death to countries, exports doctors, and surely doctors with more sense than those in the US Senate and Congress, and less of a God Complex as well.

Things are going to get very ugly soon.


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