Days Black People Not Re-Enslaved By Trump

Friday, March 03, 2017

When Will The Adults Regain Control?

Serious question. Let us look at what happened recently at MiddleBury College
Opening remarks were delivered by the College’s Vice President for Communications and Chief Marketing Officer Bill Burger, AEI Executive Board Member Ivan Valladares ’17 and Middlebury President Laurie L. Patton. AEI Co-President Alexander Khan ’17 introduced Murray. After Murray arrived at the podium, students began to protest.

Approximately twenty minutes after the protest began, the College canceled the live event in Wilson Hall and decided to live stream a private conversation between Murray and Stanger. That live event will be made available through the College’s News Room.

Side note. Murray went out of his way during a previous event to point out that he did not think Trump was fit to be president and generally did not care for the man. Despite that he STILL gets called a white supremacist. When will people understand that there is no pleasing the left? The left has constantly moving goalposts and the safe zone you were in today is foul territory the next. Simply refuse to play the game.

Now that said, I will point out that there is a high probability that 99% of the persons doing the protesting had not read any of Murray's work. How do I know this? Because when I was on the left I blindly took the word of my "better educated" peers that the Bell Curve was racist and that it declared with "racist pseudoscience" that black people were inherently inferior to white people. Because of this, there was no need for me to actually read the book. I should trust that my peers knew what they were talking about and object whenever the book or person was mentioned in any kind of positive light.

This is what we are dealing with. The worst part here is that such an attitude is apparently prevalent on a university campus where reading primary sources and doing research on ideas "good" or "bad" is supposed to be a requirement of education. When you have a mass of students who are protesting a presentation of someone's work whom they have not read it is a failure of the administration.

Students entering an institution of "higher education" should be informed in no uncertain terms that while they have freedom of speech and congregation, they will be removed from campus for disrupting sanctioned events without appeal. To be fair, the first time should be warning, a second a semester suspension without refund of any fees and the third a lifetime expulsion from said institution. There are cameras all over campuses these days so it is easy to find out who has done what.

Furthermore, institutions need to be purged of faculty and staff that encourage victim mentalities and disruptive events. Clearly things like tenure and academic freedom make for a tricky enforcement of such rules but the growing lawlessness on campuses demands that those abusing said privileges be checked.

Getting back to Murray though. Once you have read The Bell Curve you realize that the primary subject of his work are white people of various economic backgrounds. His discussions of black people are relative to the data revealed by studying white folks. In other words, once he establishes that poor, low IQ white people are essentially up the creek without a paddle, then clearly black people who on average score even lower than whites are in even worse trouble.

Also, never mind that Murray shows that high IQ black folk tend to out earn their white counterparts. Never mind all that. And besides if were saying that IQ tests are racist, then what we are saying, in no uncertain terms, is that there are things (like tests) that white people are better at than black people. Therefore admitting an inferiority. But as I discussed in yesterday's post, everyone thinks black people are stupid children so it comes as no surprised that the protesting idiots only serve their own belief in black inferiority.

These protests to shut down dissenting views (aka: alternative facts) from being uttered should be a final warning to university officials across the nation. Either the university is a place of free exchange of information or it is not. If it is not then it is not a university but an indoctrination camp and people ought not spend money on indoctrination camps.