Days Black People Not Re-Enslaved By Trump

Saturday, March 18, 2017

The Only Question That Needs Asking

Many people do not understand how a "pro black" Garveyite would be posting against BLM and things such as that. It's quite simple: Africa for the African, Asia for the Asian and Europe for the European. Simple. You should be comfortable and safe in your own homeland. Thus for anyone running around with Red Black and Green needs to be able to answer the following question:

Is the caption above acceptable?

The only answer appropriate to anyone claiming Red Black and Green, is "NO". No Swede should be unsafe in any part of his country. No invader should be able to make a native feel unsafe in his country. Just as we, actual pro-black people do not care for or excuse colonialism and it's alienation and exploitation of the native in Africa, it is equally unacceptable to run into someone elses land and impose oneself on that population.

Full stop.

Any other answer is a function of ego and revenge fantasies. Neither of these things creates industry, feeds families and any other thing necessary for long term sustenance of black communities. It's that simple.