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Sunday, March 12, 2017

As I said, Adults Not Running Things At University

The Federalist has a good rundown of the events at Middlebury. I would end up quoting the entire article as it underlines my previous commentary that university officials have essentially stopped running the show at universities. I will however point out one thing:
I assume the students who physically assaulted Stanger will be met with some kind of punishment, though it is hard to see that anything other than permanent expulsion would convey the right message. Be that as it may, the problem remains with the hundreds of students who gleefully ignored the college’s strictures on demonstrations and protests. The number is so large as to make the imposition of significant sanctions impossible. The better course is probably to impose that sanction on the administrator or administrators who allowed the situation to veer out of control. The next time a Middlebury president is faced with such a situation, he or she might have greater presence of mind.
This is the "too many illegal immigrants to deport" argument. I don't buy it for illegal immigrants and I don't buy it for these "students". I put students in quotes because if universities are not breaking them of their anti-intellectualism, then they are not teaching, they are indoctrinating. It is of paramount importance that the administration make full examples of every student that can be identified. At a minimum they should be suspended with anyone involved in the assault permanently expelled with all loans due immediately with extortionate rates of interest. OK. Maybe that's extra but it should be clear to all prospective students parents that if their kid does this bullshit, it will cost them dearly

I know that the fear of losing potential future students motivates many administrators and trustees to allow this nonsense but believe me, there are more students and parents willing to have a safe, rule enforced environment for their children than are given public/media attention.

That suspensions and expulsions have not happened (or at least been publicized) shows that these colleges and universities still don't get it and it will not be long before the "deplorables" on campus will not allow themselves to be assaulted without response. When this occurs there will be massive lawsuits that the universities (and govt if publicly owned) will lose for they are establishing a pattern of neglect for the safety of students and faculty.