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Sunday, March 19, 2017

How Come You Ain’t Never Liked Me?

So I had the pleasure, extreme pleasure of watching Denzel and Viola do their thing in Fences. I personally think this was his best performance since Training Day. Yes, I know people think that Malcolm X was the highlight of Washington's career but I disagree. Now The Book of Eli was also a good Denzel film but this Fences was, in my opinion, Denzel's best performance. But this isn't an ode to Denzel. Rather the point of this post is a very poignant scene between Troy and his son which I think is relevant to black people today:
Cory: How come you ain’t never liked me?

Troy: Liked you? Who the hell say I got to like you? What law is there say I got to like you? Wanna stand up in my face and ask a damn fool ass question like that. Talking about liking somebody. Come here boy, when I talk to you. .. Straighten up dammit! I asked you a question… what law is there say I got to like you?

Cory: None.

Troy: Well, all right then! Don’t you eat every day? (Pause) Answer me when I talk to you! Don’t you eat every day?

Cory: Yeah

Troy: Nigga, as long as you in my house, you put that sir on the end of it when you talk to me!

Cory: Yes…sir

Troy: You eat every day.

Cory: Yessir!

Troy: You got clothes on your back.

Cory: Yessir.

Troy: Why you think that is?

Cory: Cause of you.

Troy: Ah, hell I know its cause of me… but why do you think that is?

Cory (hesitant): Cause you like me.

Troy: like you? I go out of here every morning… bust my butt putting up with them crackers everyday… ‘cause I like you? You about the biggest fool I ever saw.


It’s my job, it’s my responsibility! You understand that? A man got to take care of his family. You live in my house, sleep on my bedclothes, fill your belly up on my food… cause you my son. You my flesh and blood. Not cause I like you! Cause it’s my duty to take care of you. I owe a responsibility to you! Let’s get this straight here, before it go along any further… I ain’t got to like you. Mr. Rand don’t give me my money come payday ‘cause he likes me. He gives me ‘cause he owes me. I done given you everything I had to give you. I gave you your life! Me and your mama worked that out between us. And liking your black ass wasn’t part of the bargain. Don’t you try and go through life worrying about if somebody like you or not. You best be making sure they doing right by you. You understand what I’m saying boy?

Cory: Yessir[My underlines]

This dialog just hit me. I see black people wandering around the US wanting to be liked. They think people need to do shit for them because they like them. And so if people are not doing shit for them, then they must not like them. I've said it many times here, that black people are seen as and treated as children. Just like Corey. Liberal white folk think it's their job to clothe us, feed us and put roofs over our heads. Indeed since most of our children are not even in homes with their fathers, the white man, in the form of the government, is The Man of the house in many of our homes.

Too many people out here trying to be liked. So busy trying to be liked that they are getting taken advantage of by folks smiling in their faces.