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Thursday, March 30, 2017

Economic "Privilege" is not "White Privilege"

So this AM I was listening to the Steve Harvey show. This is a rare event. My iPod was dead so radio or road noise. So this woman calls in to talk about how when she moved to California she realized that "White privilege is real." I awaited to hear what event(s) transpired to make this woman come to this conclusion. Her example was that at a prestigious firm she worked for, she overheard an apparently very wealthy white man tell someone that he gave his son an option. He could use the college fund money for college or to fund a movie.

Chick was shocked that he could offer his child such an option.

That is NOT White privilege. That is economic privilege. There are many black millionaires who can make the same offer to any of their offspring if they so choose. Do you think that Oprah Winfrey's kid, if she had any, would be hurting for cash? Is Oprah white now?

P-Diddy, who's black the last time I saw, gave his son a Bentley for his birthday

Do you think P-Diddly's son is hurting for cash or doesn't have options?

This is what happens when black people buy into "White (Life is a crystal stair) Privilege" nonsense. Too many black people think that white people simply have shit fall into their laps, just because Less Melanin(tm). There is no doubt that a country with a majority white population is going to be geared to that population. There is no doubt that people tend to stick to their own. But that shit happens in China, Japan and Africa. Matter of fact, it's so bad in Africa that you gotta be the right kind of black (read tribalism) to get favors and "better" treatment.

For any and all racism I've experienced (and will experience), I'm way better off than the numbers of white homeless people I run by while I vacation in Miami Beach. My net worth is above the average of most white people in America and I'm black. Very much so thank you very much.

Too many black people like and live off seeing themselves of total victims. I don't. I see my circumstances as exponentially and logarithmically better than any of my ancestors who disembarked slave ships or lived under colonialism. I keep stuff in perspective. A lot of what black people THINK is white privilege is nothing but class differences. And to be frank, I don't hate on people who worked their asses off so that their kids can have options they didn't have (or did have and want to preserve).