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Thursday, March 06, 2008

Sean Bell Watch

Interesting testimony from Detective Sanchez:

He said that he saw them outside among about 20 customers, and that Detective Isnora told him he had retrieved his gun, which he could not carry into the club.

So did Isnora simply retrieve his gun or did he retrieve his gun and his badge from the Camry as was described by police in December and pointed out in our previous posting.

Secondly we have this:

Officer Robert Maloney testified that at least one of the undercover officers had his badge out when he arrived, although he arrived there moments after the shooting had stopped, theoretically allowing the officer to pull the badge out. Whether the officers involved in the shooting had identified themselves in the frantic seconds before the shots rang out is one of the central questions of the trial.

Did anyone ask him which undercover officer had his badge out? And to repeat a previous question: Are there any pictures from the scene of the officers? Did Isanora still have his partners phone in his hand?