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Monday, March 17, 2008

Sean Bell Watch: The Detective in Black

On March 14th, the NY Post posted pictures of the detectives that were taken at the precinct after the shooting. Isanora's photo has his head cropped to protect his then under-cover status.


Detective Isanora

Let's go back to the story according to the NYPD. Sean bell had a verbal altercation with someone wearing black in an SUV (Ford?). A few minutes afterwards a van comes around the corner and a man wearing black is pointing a gun at Sean Bell and co. Who does he think is in front of him? Also, be honest, looking at the picture there if you didn't know that was supposed to be a cop would you guess that was a cop? Can you make out the badge on collar? NOw imaging bright headlights on it.


Above is a photo of the crime scene. I had a very different idea of where and how the shooting occured. I thought that the shooting occured on Bell's side of the vehicle. It is evident that the shooting was very different than I thought. Says the NY Times:

According to investigators, the Altima appears to have been struck by 20 bullets; 17 of those struck the passenger side, and 13 of those hit the front door. A 21st bullet hole in the rear driver’s side door is believed to have been caused by an exiting bullet. One bullet struck the trunk, and two others, the windshield. Other bullets hit up and down Liverpool Street, striking nearby parked cars, fences, a living-room window and an elevated AirTrain terminal.

assuming those straw pipes to be indicative of the direction of fire, it would seem that the shots were at door level. Almost as it someone was shooting from the hip or a crouched position. I've gotta think on this.

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