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Monday, March 24, 2008

Sean Bell Watch: "keep shooting until you eliminate the threat."

And so detective Oliver lets us all know what "real" police procedure is

Oliver also blamed the fusillade on police training, saying cops are told "to keep shooting until you eliminate the threat.ñ.ñ. Unfortunately, as a result, some people die."

Some people die. Oh the fuck well. Mistake a wallet for a gun? Oh well. Man got his hands where you can't see them? Oh well. Innocent? Oh well.

But the testimony of Oliver shows a clear intent to kill.

"I though he was shooting.ñ.ñ. at members of my team," he said.

So what did he do?

But Oliver - who fired nearly three times more bullets than anyone else that night - emptied his gun, took out another clip, reloaded and continued to fire at the vehicle.

"I kept firing at [Guzman]. I really had no more bullets," said Oliver.

And then?

At one point, Oliver said he even had time to move around "to get a better line of fire."

Did he say move around to see if anyone was shooting? Did he say move around to evaluate the situation before shooting some more? Nooooo. This "man" moved around the vehicle to get a better shot. That's called an extra-judicial execution.

Oh and in case we weren't sure about it

Oliver said he changed his target away from Guzman and pointed his gun at Benefield's direction after he thought bullets were coming from the back seat where he was sitting.

Translation: Nigger, you want some too?

[update] from the NY Times:

He said he did not know that any other officers were firing at the car. He said he fired the full 16 rounds in his gun, reloaded and fired the 15 in his new magazine as quickly as he possibly could.

But when asked if he felt he should have reassessed the threat at some point, he said: “I reassessed after every single shot, and after my second magazine I had no more bullets. I then had no choice but to assess the situation.”

He reassessed the situation after every shot AND fired all the rounds in his gun "as quickly as possible"? That's a contradiction. You can't reassess a situation while firing as quickly as possible.

He said he did not fire as Mr. Benefield ran out of the car and down Liverpool, where he was arrested.

Hmmmmm. Was that because his gun jammed? Is it because he thought he was out? By the NY Times account, he only had one shot left. Were other officers on the scene who may have been witnesses to this execution? Did he not want to have to explain shooting a suspect in the back?

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