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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Rev. Wright: Please Lay Off the Kool Aid

I know, I know, people have their heros and sheros and want them to be number one. That's expected. However; sometime we take in a wee bit too much of our own kool-Aid. Rev. Wright, who've I've defended here ought to do a bit of self-reflection while he's on "sabatical".

Firstly he needs to apologize to Mrs. Clinton for that semen stained dress comment. Secondly he needs to re-evaluate the following statement from his letter to Jodi Cantor of the NY Times

I have never been exposed to that kind of duplicitous behavior before, and I want to write you publicly to let you know that I do not approve of it and will not be party to any further smearing of the name, the reputation, the integrity or the character of perhaps this nation’s first (and maybe even only) honest candidate offering himself for public service as the person to occupy the Oval Office.

So Dennis Kucinich is not honest? Should I assume then that you think that Mausley-Braun was not honest? Ron Paul isn't honest? C'mon mister that was simply wrong.

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