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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Why Bush Won and Why Blacks Need to Think Hard

As I thought would happen and as indicated by numerous postings here, Bush has won re-election. I don't know how people were saying it was "too close to call" but what I saw on ABC was anything but close. Check the maps. as indicated in the post on Friday Oct 22:

And for those who don't get it? That was explained to me in late 2002 by Mark McKinnon, a longtime senior media adviser to Bush, who now runs his own consulting firm and helps the president. He started by challenging me. ''You think he's an idiot, don't you?'' I said, no, I didn't. ''No, you do, all of you do, up and down the West Coast, the East Coast, a few blocks in southern Manhattan called Wall Street. Let me clue you in. We don't care. You see, you're outnumbered 2 to 1 by folks in the big, wide middle of America, busy working people who don't read The New York Times or Washington Post or The L.A. Times. And you know what they like? They like the way he walks and the way he points, the way he exudes confidence. They have faith in him. And when you attack him for his malaprops, his jumbled syntax, it's good for us. Because you know what those folks don't like? They don't like you!'' In this instance, the final ''you,'' of course, meant the entire reality-based community.

This is EXACTLY what happened. This time there will be no challenges, no black voter disenfranchisement to fall back on. Bush has even captured the popular vote.

The Democratic Party is a mess. Al Sharpton may want to "ride the donkey" but you'd be a fool to not see that the Donkey has 3 broken legs and probably ought to be shot. Black folks ought to sit down and think real hard about this "politcal game" they have been playing. No minority group in America has gotten anywhere without serious economic clout backing them up, or a strong mother nation. Blacks have neither and I said this at the very beginning of the blog on my post 'To Vote or Not To Vote: Using The Other Tool"

The NAACP, Black preachers and a bunch of other folks have sold the black masses a piece of fools gold. They pushed John Kerry on their followers because they claimed he could 'beat Bush." Well there you have it. They were dead wrong. Garvey's Ghost told you that Blacks were going to be counted out on both sides either by willful ignorance or by strategic planning and only be fielding their own candidate who could remain on the national scene to conter both Bush AND Kerry (or whomever) could black issues, and other worldview issues could be placed from and center and remain there.

And let's not overlook the fact that not only did Democrats lose this election they also lost seats in the house and senate. further dooming the country to a single party state.

Why did this happen? I'll give three reasons:
1) America is a white supremacist nation. You better get used to that idea quick. The fact that the new 'niggers' (arabs) are a percieved threat to the life, limb and property of whites will mobilise these individuals. They have all retreated to the Republican party if they "do" politics. If they don't "do" politics they are in militias. Either way White folks respond to threats from "wolves." and I believe that "wolves' ad. was a brilliant piece of Psy-ops on white America.

2) Religion gays, stem cells and abortion: Bush has been playing the religion card hard and heavy. The bright among us clearly understand that this is in contradiction to the constitution, but it works. Why? Americans, scared of "the heathen wolves" who are seeking to destroy "Gods country" respond to evangelical types. The perception of Democrats being 'Pro-Gay anything" makes it so that "conscientious" Christians will vote their morals rather than the constitution or their wallet. Similar ideas for Stem Cells and Abortion.

3) Democrats are weak: In this country, rightly or wrongly money wins. Period. I don't agree with it but it's true. Democrats are quickly becoming the party of the poor, artistic, relative moralizers and utopians: the very groups in society that generally have no money and therefore no power. Not only that, because these groups are philosophically opposed to "top down" or most other types of structured organizing, they are no match for efficient, message based organizations. In the face of an increasingly homogenized Republican machine, this "multi-cultural" democratic party is outmatched.

Let me end by linking to an article I read yesterday entitled The Referendum on Neoconservatism:

A second Bush administration will take office having had ample opportunity to learn from mistakes. But not only from mistakes. Also from its largely successful reorientation of security strategy to deal with a very serious new threat. George W. Bush may or may not win the election. If he does, it seems unlikely in the extreme that his critics, especially the most vociferous critics of the neoconservatives, will declare that they erred and that Bush's reelection constitutes vindication for the neoconservative position. They are too in love with their fear of monsters. But win or lose, the vindication of neoconservatism has already taken place, in that the Democratic candidate in 2004 has found it impossible to run for the Oval Office on a platform of its repudiation, but rather has embraced its central strategic insights.

Exactly. The Democrats got pushed.pulled to the right and Kerry basically talks the same as Bush and the smart voters know it.

The Garvey's Ghost Plan:
1) an immediate referendum on National Elections. Black should abstain from voting in any presidential election until the Electoral College system is dismantled as it knocks out black votes in the south and is generally unfair.

2) Immediate refrain from any political activity in churches during church services. Black folks should not be appealed to at a time when they are at their most emotional. Every psychological expert will tell you that when emotions are hight, it is the worst time to make decisions. the 'Black Electorate" must learn to remove political power from pastors to incorporated entities. This not only limits to the conflicts of church-state, but it opens up new avenues for organizing, employment and a plurality of messengers in the black community. (If I see another Like It Is program on politics where 3 of 4 experts are Reverends, I will throw the TV out the window. it is simply insulting that the only political experts that cna be found for blacks are reverends.

3) Drawing up and implementation of a Black economic plan with a strong psychological component to teach blacks the imporatance of economic strength. Black Entertainers, and other Million and Billionairs need to be involved and it needs to be "impressed upon them" the importance of creating black schools and being funding sources for black startup businesses. They should also form some type of group to buy up, key, profitable white owned businesses and real estate in white neighborhoods, with a portion of all profits directed to various projects in black communities. these "take overs" should be done with "white avatars" where neccessary as to not cause "white flight" from these businesses.

4) as a part of item 3, these black million and billionairs need to recognize that black music is probably the most profitable form of entertainment next to porn. They should through the group mentioned before set up distribution and new media tech in order to take control of that business. there is absolutely NO EXCUSE for blacks to not be the primary beneficiaries of black music (in a responsible manner).

There are a couple of other things I'd propose but that's for another post. i just leave you with this: The Gauntlet was thrown down in 2000, either get organized or get lost.


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