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Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Bigger Brother

Until recently one had to either be on the internet, turn on a cell phone, get into one of m illions of cars with OnStar or sign up for Easy Pass in order to be watched by the state or corporation. Convenience was the lure. No more lines, targeted adverts. But now these agencies have realized what many social scientists already knew: Target the youth. The NY Times is reporting that Schools are now giving out id cards with embeded chips so that parents and "authorities" may know the location of children attending school. Of course the reason given is that children are victims of violence, kidnappings and that sort of thing so it is comforting to know that your child actually made it to school and if not, where they actually are.

I can't speak for my mother, but as a child kidnapping was the least thing I was worried about. I grew up in NYC. I rode the Q6 bus and the E trains all by myself. whilst in Elementary school I would walk from 14th street and 8th avenue to 23rd street and 7th. or 14th and 6th. Well either way I was alone and knew better than to get into anybody's car regardless of what was offered. Todays kids, especially those in suburbs do not deal with a huge metropolis or 2-3 hour commutes to and from school. Most get on Cheeze busses and thier biggest concern is remembering to get off at their stop. Perhaps this is one reason why I'm so independent.

Anyway, the issue here is that these schools have convinced the students that having a RFID chip on (and soon, in) them is ok because they need oversight. But beieve me, this is not for their own good. What this is is social engineering so that suchg surveliance is second nature to citizens. Many proponents of such surveliance ask:

well if you're not doing anything wrong then why worry?

Simple answer is I don't want to be surveilled. How about that? HOw about my whereabouts are my business so long as I don't break the law. And here's the rub, People don't understand that they are being cataloged for "law enforcement." Law Enforcement gets to keep tabs on you "just in case" you happen to commit a crime. the safety issues are secondary or even tertiary.
Bu thow effective are these cards? Right now there are computer issues with people being recorded as being somewhere when they weren't (not good if you get accused of a crime). But here's the rub, the card can be rendered useless byu encasing it in enough lead to stop the chip from broadcasting. I suggest that all persons concerned about their privacy but want convenience, should purchase a lead box to store thier little RF devices when not in use ( Easy Pass, Cell Phones, Cards...) This way your only on the map when you need to be and off the map when you don't need to be. NO doubt in the near future people will be contractually required to have their "ID" on at all times and who knows perhaps people will be arrested and fined for turning them off. Don't laugh, rental car companies already do it and when you recieve your drivers license you also agree to a whole string of things (searches, etc). Well, so much for "individual rights" soon it will be the right to do that which I allow you to do, where I allow you to do it.


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