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Sunday, November 21, 2004

The NBA Plantation

I'm not one to follow sports, much less comment on it, but I felt the need this time. Apparently during a Pistons-Pacers game there were a couple of fights that involved fans. In particular, Ron Artest of the Pacers was suspended for the remainder of the season, because when a fan threw a beverage at him, he went into the stands and put his fist in the fans mouth. And the problem is? Benches cleared and multiple suspensions ensued. Let me state here that the fights "happened" to involve large, tall black men and short white men, a few of whome appeared overweight. But that's not important. The important thing here is the punishment in a sport with a high "negro quotient." See there's this game called Hockey. In that sport there is a low "negro quotient." That game also sees violence at every single game. In fact it is not only looked forward to, but makes the highlight reels with a 'wink, nod and outright approval" by most sports anchors. It was only temporarily, when a hockey player put another player into a coma did the tone change. It appears that when white men knock each other into walls, pull off their helmets and beat each other in retaliation, it's ok. Even when they use large wooden sticks as weapons, it's ok.

However; when negroes on the court get mad at each other for unneccessary checking it is grounds for immediate suspension. If a Negro, during a fight, get's up from the bench, regardless of intent, is fined and suspended. So back to the fight with the fan. So not only are negroes in such check in the NBA, apparently the fans feel they can say or do whatever they like because the negroes can't do anything but entertain them. So while Ron Artest is suspended for the remainder of the season, the NBA is "considering" action against the fans, some of whome were cought on tape throwing material at the players. My friends, that is assault. Each fan caught on tape or seen by officials throwing material at the players ought to be arrested and charged with assault.

The players, should wise up and realize that they are being given the plantation treatment. They ought to refuse from playing until each fan involved is charged with assault and that the NBA make it clear that fans are prohibited from throwing anything at the players and make abusive statements at their own risk.

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