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Thursday, November 29, 2018

Don't Work, Don't Get Paid

Only in America, or maybe in other parts of the world where that which is obvious is not to be stated, can there be a report published in which what was already known is seen as "new" and "news".

So this morning on CBS there was a report in which it was "found" that the Pay Gap(tm) between men and women was larger than we "thought". Apparently, women are making somewhere around 38 cents for every man's dollar. Shocking. If such slave wages were possible to have a successful business I would expect the male unemployment rate to skyrocket. I mean what sane manager would pay a man $10/hour when he can have a chick do the same shit for $3.80?

So how did they get to this startlingly bizarre conclusion? Well see, they looked at 15 year data. In that time they found that women had children or cared for presumably elderly parents and thus we not working for a significant amount of time. Apparently, the researchers were SHOCKED, SHOCKED I tell you to discover that if you don't work, you don't get paid!

This is totally unsurprising when grievance studies takes over "research". People need to find reasons to be upset. Hence, we should now get mad because women don't get paid when not at work. That men also do not get paid when they don't work is not a problem you see. Fuck men.

Also, in a sane society, we wouldn't see a problem with, you know, taking care of your children. Only in fucked up countries that pander endlessly to those in possession of a vagina, is child rearing less important than going to work for a large corporation where you make the CEO extremely wealthy, while abandoning your children to daycare centers who may or may not indoctrinate your children in shit you don't agree with.

Look, I don't have a problem if the state wants to encourage family formation by providing financial support to families. I DO have a problem when people think that a private enterprise ought to be Daddy Warbucks and be held financially responsible for the financial support of women who decide to have children. It's your body, not the company's or the state's. Keep them out your body and you keep out of their bank account. But this is what happens when in order to "not be dependent on no man" becomes the reality of "dependent on some business/government".