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Monday, October 01, 2018

It Was Better Before We Attained Democracy

Title a quote from a recent NYT piece on the continued fall of the ANC:
Mr. Magaqa’s province, KwaZulu-Natal, is the deadliest of all. Here, 80 A.N.C. officials were killed between 2011 and 2017, the party says. Even relatively low-level ward councilors have bodyguards, and many politicians carry guns themselves.

“It was better before we attained democracy, because we knew the enemy — that the enemy was the regime, the unjust regime,” said Mluleki Ndobe, the mayor of the district where Mr. Magaqa and five other A.N.C. politicians have been assassinated in the past year.

“Now, you don’t know who is the enemy,” he said.

The enemy has always been the man in the mirror.

This statement about "before democracy" is only one in a long string of reports where Africans have been calling for a return to colonial times. Those old enough to have lived prior to various liberation movements have seen what the liberators have done in many places.

The second part, in regards to knowing the enemy, is exactly what is described, by the likes of Steve Sailer as the coalition of the fringes, united by a hatred of white people. See once you eliminate the White Man(tm) and you see that the situation has not materially changed, it is at that moment you realize that it never really was about The White Man(tm). And being that "false middle class" of Fanon's description: Fully unable to replace what was removed, the only thing left is gangsterism and pillaging of government for personal enrichment.

In America's near future, when white people are "sufficiently" marginalized, black folks will come to understand this. Thus far they have lived under a people they've managed to guilt trip into suicide. The Replacements(tm) will not be so disposed (witness Hileah). People appreciate rule of law....after it's been removed.

Anyway, in regards to South Africa, the above is why I said that the real reason for the killings of white farmers has little to do with actual racial animus and is instead a means of distracting the people from the rot in the ANC. 'Cause it's quite clear they're not particularly concerned with the color of who they "have to" kill to keep power.