Days Black People Not Re-Enslaved By Trump

Saturday, July 29, 2017

The Republican Plantation Revealed

I've always known the Democratic party was a plantation. Black folks, particularly black women are used to get votes and then Democrats do nothing for them, except maybe divert taxes to them in the form of programs that among other things do nothing to drop murder rates and other rates of crime. Basically the DNC reminds black folks about King Jr., KKK and voting rights and black folks fall in line. The RNC is similarly situated.

If anything shows how the RNC is basically a plantation for white folks, it is the failure to repeal the ACA. Whether you agree with repealing the ACA or not is not important. What is important is that the RNC spent most of the Obama administration discussing and declaring how the ACA needed to be repealed and replaced with something "better" (IMO anything not single payer for a "basic level" of coverage with a free market for anything else is not "better"). They campaigned on it. They have governors sue the govt. They got a "conservative" supreme court justice to declare a penalty a tax, in clear contradiction to the actual text. But then against massive odds Trump became president.

Now the Republicans had their opportunity to do exactly what they told their voters they would do and what happened? Fail. Some say that Trump was wasting time and political capital with this ACA repeal. It may be but I think he was using this to totally expose the RNC for the two faced party we know it to be. I think this also explains why Priebus was let out to pasture. He couldn't deliver what the RNC said they would do so why keep him around? At this point the RNC should be a dead party walking.

The question now is whether white [not liberal] people will stay on the Republican plantation like blacks stay on the Democrat plantation. It's clear that these so called conservatives are not trying to conserve anything but their jobs and income streams. They consistently stay as far to the right of the left moving overton window, that they believe in the same things that were considered extremely liberal just 20 years ago. I mean really, THEY BACKED HILLARY FOR PRESIDENT!

So how do you know if you're ready to get off the plantation (be it Democrat or Republican)? If you don't care if you're called:

Then you are ready to walk off the field. If not, well enjoy the continued betrayals.