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Sunday, June 25, 2017

Republicans Ought To Be Very Worried About GA district 6...And Elsewhere

While there has been a lot of victory lap running and DNC taunting a long term view of GA 6 should have Republicans very worried. The linked page and this linked page shows why: In 2000 Republicans carried the district 75% to 25%

In 2002 it was 79% to 20%

In 2004 there was no organized opposition

In 2006 Republicans won 72% to 27%

In 2008 It was 68% to 31%. Possibly the first inkling of trouble.

Skip 2010 where Democrats gave no organized opposition and we see 2012 where Republicans got 64% to 35%.

by 2016 the Republicans were at 61% with Democrats polling near 40%.

This special election saw Republicans drop to an all time low of 51%. With an outsider Democrat pulling near 50% of the vote. Republicans ought to be shitting in their pants. When your rival has gone from a low of "no contest" to nearly 50% of the votes. You have a near terminal case of cancer. While the DNC may be feigning being upset about the "massive loss", the fact is that policies they favor have a long term consequence of making areas that are historically hostile to them competitive. Remember, Democrats win by changing the demographics of a location. Once they have done so, generally speaking, they don't give it up. California is a stellar example of this. Democrats even have a legal way of keeping themselves in power: They have the two top vote getters, regardless of party affiliation, head to the general election. Since Democrats essentially run the state, it gives them a situation where Republicans are essentially shut out of certain offices. I'm sure the rule sounded good on paper.

So yeah, Democrats have lost a bunch of special elections. The way I see it, it was an expensive exercise in finding out how much scale tipping remains to be done in target areas. 'Cause clearly Democrats are not going to change their policies.