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Thursday, April 06, 2017

Selective Standards and The Rice Claim

The media has been discussing Trump's comments about Susan Rice's "unmasking" of US persons (presumably including Trump and persons who associate with him) as possibly criminal. They have asserted that Trump has made "baseless" claims. Therefore Trump's claim should be taken with so many grains of salt. Normally I'd be OK with such an assertion. A allegation is just that, an allegation. Proof must be offered before we can say whether an allegation is true or not. Furthermore the object of the allegation should be given the assumption of innocence until such claims are backed up with evidence. The problem is that these same "high road" media were not so keen on dismissing allegations when the subject matter did not include Trump.

Of course the biggest one of recent memory was rape hoax of UVA. The media ran with this story for weeks even though the story had glaring red flags. Why? Because it "supported" the other great rape hoax of our age: The Campus Rape Epidemic. This epidemic does not exist and data from universities clearly contradicts such a claim, yet everyone from then president Obama on down repeated this claim.

Even more egregious is the fact that across the US, universities have created systems in which the rights of those accused of sexual assault (who are usually men) are stripped of their constitutional rights such as legal representation and presumption of innocence, and are often punished simply because someone (usually female) simply made an allegation.

If a random woman can point a finger at a man and claim he committed a crime and people support that then none of these people can have a problem with Trump pointing a finger at Susan Rice. But we know that none of this is about fair and equal treatment.

In regards to the actual issue at hand with Rice. The media is [once again] distracting the viewer/reader by trying to say that the accusation is that Rice unmasked AND leaked the information. That's not really what the evidence shows and I don't actually think that's what happened. What the evidence shows is that at some point last year someone decided that getting info on Trump was a good idea.Whether it was because they honestly thought that Trump has endangering national security or whether it was political we do not know. We do know that a FISA warrant was requested, denied and requested again. We know this.

We know that at some point someone unmasked US persons (this is likely Rice). We know for certain that at least one of these persons was Flynn. Thus far we also know that Flynn did nothing illegal during whatever conversations he was having or he would have been charged already.

We know that at someone's directive, information was either declassified or at least lowered in classification level so that a wider net of agencies or persons could access said information. Since certain US persons (including Flynn) were unmasked that meant a wider set of people now had access to these persons information.

We know that someone in this now widened circle leaked this information to the press. This person or group of persons committed a crime which is what ought to be investigated here.

The press took this information and used it's 1st Amendment cover to print it.

Now it is entirely possible that someone who had access before the information had been made available to a wider audience was responsible for the leak. This is something for the investigation to uncover.

We also know that in all the time that Trump and his associates were being monitored that there has been no illegal activity shown. If there had been it would have surfaced by now. This tells us that the whole Russia angle is a straw man meant to mislead the public so that the actual crime that we know happened (the leak) goes un-investigated until either the leaker dies mysteriously. Disappears mysteriously, has an accident that leaves them unable to recall or something along those lines.