Days Black People Not Re-Enslaved By Trump

Thursday, February 02, 2017

This Is War

You need to understand. This is the first US election in my lifetime where violence occurred before and after an election. This is the first election in my lifetime that representatives of government, up to the sitting president (that would be Obama in this reference) did NOTHING to stop or punish this clearly politically motivated violence. We have celebrities among other lefty types openly calling for assasination of a sitting president. We have a celebrity calling for a military coup. We have officers of the court being openly partial. We have those charged with upholding the law directing their subordinates to not uphold the law.

We have fire in the streets. We have bloodied American citizens. We have journalists and "reputable newspapers' who are openly advocating physical violence against those they have deemed "nazis" (which could be anyone to the right or Mao). This is war. And lets be clear here, since the state, with it's monopoly on legal violence is utterly failing in it's duty to ruthlessly suppress this street violence. Since universities have become breeding grounds of traitors and sedition posing as "black studies", "Latin studies" and "gender studies". Where students are free to harass other students and faculty without repercussion Since it is clear that those of us who are not among the left are "fair game" for criminal assault, then it is clear that if you are not among the left, that you should be prepared to defend your life, limb and property by any means necessary. Do not believe for one minute that the sign you see above is merely hype. This is deadly serious. recognize.