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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Millions of Fraudulent Votes?

So the latest MSM hissy fit is over Trump's assertion that millions of people voted illegally or fraudulently. The press has asked Trump for proof. That is reasonable. His "proof" thus far has been to point to two studies, the authors of whom have claimed that Trump has misrepresented their studies. Thus the MSM have declared that Trump's allegations are false "fake news". But is it?

First, the MSM has still not figured out Trump. By bringing up the subject Trump is forcing the media to put voter fraud front and center to the electorate. This is exactly what he wants to have done. With the question out there, someone or some organization is going to have to spend some time researching the claim because of course they can't let Trump slide on his "lies". What would such intrepid people find out? Lets take a look at the possibilities.

First, let us recall that when Jill Stein wanted to have recounts the results in Michigan uncovered a trove of voter ballots that had no provenance. After that news came out the whole recount thing was dropped and fell off the media radar. The existence of such a trove in one state should have sent alarm bells ringing across the country. There should have been investigations in every state. There wasn't. We know why. But lets continue down this hypothetical.

Trump said "millions of people". Plural. So lets assume that "millions" means a minimum of 2 million votes. Is that a lot of votes? Well lets look at it this way, CNN says that there were a total of 128,824,833 votes in the presidential election. 2 million votes would be 1.55% of the vote (just about the difference between Hillary and Donald's popular number). That's actually not a whole lot. There are 50 states. If we assume that all these "illegal" votes were equally distributed among the states (not the case in the least bit) then it would mean that each state would have 40,000 votes. In the least populous state, Wyoming, which has 544,270 that would be less than 10% of it's population (a greater percentage of it's voting population):

Statewide, most other counties, aside from Teton, still use standard precinct voting and, other than Teton and Natrona, standard paper pollbooks. Even so, turnout at the state level also broke records, with an unofficial tally of 258,725 votes cast.
. However we know that if we are discussing illegal voting from persons who should not be voting, usually resident aliens and illegal immigrants, they are highly packed in north eastern and south eastern states with large urban populations and sanctuary policies.

This brings us to the next point. Voter ID.

Many [Democrat run] States and cities have laws in place that allow people to show up on election day and vote without any challenge whatsoever. In fact some of these laws explicitly forbid asking citizenship status or anything like that because they call it "voter intimidation". Thus anyone can walk into a voting precinct on election day and without any barriers cast a ballot. Since no one can challenge these voters no one knows how many people have voted illegally.

This is THE problem. The MSM is claiming Trump's claim as false without telling the audience that laws have been in place that actually hides any potential voter fraud. Thus when studies are done on the subject no one can "find" voter fraud because the government officials actively cover-up and hinder discovering such things. By the time anyone can show such fraud, such as the case of Al Franken's election, it is too late. It is the case that these fraudulent votes affect local races far worse than they do larger elections. Illegal voters tend to be concentrated in certain neighborhoods and therefore affect the representatives from those neighborhoods. This is not only a US thing. The UK has recently uncovered massive voter fraud in neighborhoods that are predominantly "Asian" (and they don't mean Chinese).

Lastly I'll mention the use of immigration policy as a means of affecting elections. While this is not legal "fraudulent" voting, it is something that I have no doubt in on Trump (and other's) mind. Up to 1965 the US was a 90% white nation. Since the passage of the immigration act and various amnesties all of which were passed with assurances that the balance of the population would go unchanged, resulted in the white population in the US dropping to around 65%. In any other nation, this would be called ethnic if not racial cleansing in progress. Many of these new comers vote Democrat (Cubans being a huge exception). Democrats therefore have a existential interest in a decreasing white population (so long as they continue to supply the majority of the tax revenue, but that's another topic). The last election showed that Democrats did best in urban "diverse" locations and did diarheally shitty everywhere else. Where, outside of DC is it easiest to hide 40,000 illegal votes? Why in states with large urban populations where such votes would be "only" 50-100 votes where you can claim worries are "overblown". We know that there was a concerted effort between Democrats and foreign nations to get citizens of other countries to become nationalized citizens in order to vote "against Trump"(2).

In Chicago, Aurora Rosiles, 76, and her husband Abelardo, 75, attended a citizenship workshop at the Mexican consulate organized by the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights; the couple is originally from Michoacán, Mexico. About 2.7 million of the 8.8 million legal residents in the U.S. are Mexican immigrants, but as a group they are less likely to become citizens.
I consider this fraudulent voting. Of course it's perfectly legal but for a major party to be party in stacking the voter rolls with foreigners in collusion with foreign governments to be treasonous.

So it is certainly correct to say Trump has no "proof" that millions of fraudulent votes were cast. However the MSM has not provided "proof" that such an event doesn't occur (proving a negative is hard). But here's the thing, if Trump is serious and uses the power of the Fed to force investigations in every state and to back voter ID laws (which should be nationwide), we could find out what the real deal is.