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Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Kaepernick and the "White-on-White"Crime argument

In an interview with Breitbart Kaepernick said the following:
Kaepernick: I’m trying to help Chicago as well. I donated to an organization in Chicago. I plan to visit Chicago and see what I can do to help there. But to try to bring up an issue like black-on-black crime, according to FBI crime stats, over 80 percent of white people that are murdered are murdered by other white people. So there is white-on-white crime as well. So to single out a city or a community like that is unfair in my opinion.
This tired "white folks commit crime so..." argument is one I used to subscribe to. And it's true. White people commit crimes. Murder even. When one is not aware of the data, one would assume as Kaepernick does and the left wants you to, you would think that the level of white crime, particularly murder is equal to or in proportion to the white population. However; this is simply not the case. Since I'm near NY I use that data and you can find NYPD compstat data here:

At that link I show that black crime rates both against each other as well as non-blacks is well out of proportion to the population of blacks. In some places like Wilmington Delaware, ALL murders were committed by black people for a given year. See here's the thing. For too many black folks, they cannot imagine living somewhere where a murder happens maybe once every 10 years. Yet there are communities in America, usually white communities where this is the norm. Too many black people do not understand that there are places in America where IF a violent crime happens, it is usually committed by someone who is not from their community and is usually (thought not exclusively) a non-white suspect. This is particularly the case when it does NOT involve domestic violence.

Of the black people that do know this, they are guilt ridden and ashamed and so do whatever they can to hide this information. Many of the most vocal deniers of these facts reveal their actual state of mind by where they choose to live and raise their children. In the case that they live in middle class black neighborhoods you can catch them talking about the "negroes" (among other names) who "don't know how to act" and "always acting up" and all other kinds of negativity, but as soon as someone, not black points out these same things, these black folks get defensive and start in on the "white people do it too" shit.

So Kaepernick is a fool. The reporter should have called him out on the "white people commit crimes" argument. The entire BLM movement is a movement of convenient idiots who really do not care one bit about black lives.