Days Black People Not Re-Enslaved By Trump

Sunday, October 09, 2016

War on Heterosexual Males Hits a New Peak

I'm going to keep this brief. This presidential election cycle has bared it's true face. I have been saying that we are being treated to a dish of Vagina Politics but this recent "tape" is bare misandry of the base form.

Let us be clear here. Men and women speak of each other, when in private with people whom they trust (and sometimes not but usually) in terms that are sometimes not child friendly. Men talk about women's looks, including tits, ass, legs and cameltoe if visible (yay Yoga pants). Women discuss male "packages" and often his social status as reflected by his ownership or at least possession of material things. Whatever you think of these types of conversation, they happen and there is nothing wrong with them. It is simply how human sexuality operates. The problem here is that men are increasingly under attack for being straight men while women are allowed to maintain their straightness and their privacy and now can publicly say sexist things about men without reprimand or consequences. But even that is not important here. What is important here are two very stark facts:

1) Trump discussed grabbing a woman by the pussy, which as far as we know he has not done to anyone....physically.

2) Bill Clinton had an intern suck his dick in the Oval Office. Committed perjury when under oath and has multiple rape accusers. Yet Democrats rallied around this man. Hillary defended this man by going after Bill's victims (some alleged, some verified). There is only ONE person who is in league with an actual sexual predator: Hillary Clinton. Full stop.

If you have no problem with the facts laid out and wish to not vote for Trump because he commented, but not committed sexual assault. then YOU are a hypocrite of the highest order and you too are fighting a war against straight men.