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Thursday, February 18, 2016

Dr. Perry Whines Some More, Takes Her Ball Home. For Now

Since the video produced by the Princeton PD has been released showing how deferential the police were when dealing with her, Dr. Perry has tried to avoid the criticism she has received from many corners of the net and media. Unable to refute the critics and unwilling to be self-critical and take responsibility for her own choices, Perry has decided to write what she deems to be the final chapter on the matter. Lets examine it.
. I wasn’t a no show! I’d called and asked to postpone the meeting Although I honestly can’t be certain that this information was communicated to me correctly, it felt like yet another effort to discredit me.
So let me understand. Here we have a person with a PhD. Who teaches at an Ivy League university who is "not certain" as to whether she communicated effectively in regards to if and when she would follow up on a complaint of misconduct against a police officer?

Exactly how hard is it to communicate that you cannot meet on such and such a date therefore how about we meet on such and such date and time? How hard is that? People make appointments all. The. Time. This is not hard. either you scheduled an appointment or you didn't. Full stop. This is hard for a Ivy League PhD professor?

I shared several tweets about my experience being arrested last week. The arresting officer told me he was arresting me for a three year old parking ticket. I am an African American female professor at Princeton. As a result, the episode soon spiraled into a media event, which I attempted to avoid engaging at every turn. So I wrote a public statement rather than accepting the countless requests for
No, no and no. Perry was arrested because there was a warrant out for her arrest that was the result of her NOT PAYING a parking ticket. She was also driving on a suspended license as a result of NOT PAYING a parking ticket. And because Ms. Phd teaching at an ivy League university is not broke (as far as we know), she can't claim that she didn't pay because she couldn't afford it. She simply did not feel that the law applies to her.

Secondly SHE brought attention to her arrest by announcing it on social media. All she had to do was pay her ticket and go about her business with a lightened wallet. But nooooo, she played the race and gender cards. She talked about how scared she was and the usual symps went for it.

I do not believe municipalities should generate revenue by using the police power to arrest. Taxes and fines should not be executed through physical coercion. As the justice department challenges Ferguson, Missouri to cease such practices-- ones that create modern day debtors prisons in poor communities-- it is worthwhile to raise questions about the practice generally, including in affluent suburbs.
Well it's nice that Dr. Perry thinks this way. I don't think that highway tolls should be in place. I don't get to drive through tolls without consequences. And this is why I say Perry thinks the laws do not apply to her. And you see how she talks about Ferguson. Never mind that Perry is not poor. The parking ticket would have a negligible effect on her net worth. One may argue that the tickets used in Ferguson are a hardship on poor residents, but Perry is not poor. Pay your ticket miss.
I was terrified when I was pulled over, and then when I was arrested, because in this country police practices are racially discriminatory.
You know black people are paranoid about the wrong things. Could a police office in Princeton decide to kill Perry because she is black? Certainly. Was it remotely possible that such a thing would happen to Perry? Not even. In fact, as a black female she is only behind white women when it comes to risk of death. But see, when you live in the racial fantasy world that many of these educated negroes live in, you get shook over bullshit.
Moreover, over the past year and a half as a nation we have watched the footage of multiple deaths of unarmed African Americans at the hands of police officers.
And in almost ALL of the cases the African-American MEN, were either engaged in criminal behavior just prior to their death, were engaged in criminal behavior at the time of their deaths OR failed to follow lawful directions of a police office. Surely Dr. Perry has kept up with research and knows that the data shows this.

Did Perry intend to do what these MEN did? Apparently Perry decided to do as she was told and had no problems. Just like millions of people do all over the US.

The majority of the time there is no remedy for these deaths.
Because as the data shows, justifiable homicide.
This effectively grants police the authority to act with impunity. It may be hard to imagine for people who are not Black and/or Latinx, but this social reality produces terror for many of us when we encounter police officers, regardless of how they behave.
Well no, Akai Gurley, Oscar Grant (to an extent). The social reality is the fantasy bubble that encourages black people to be paranoid when engaging with the police. No one likes to have an unintended encounter with police, but 95% of the time there is no harm and how one is treated is directly related to how one acts.
While I disagree with a number of the statements made by the Princeton Police about what transpired,
Such as?
and the video footage that the police chose to share with the general public failed to show most of what I objected to,
That would be the handcuffs (standard op) and the search by a male officer, because as we know, men cannot search women because VAGINA.
. I am removing myself from all engagements that sustain that distraction. Additionally, the officers have emphasized that their actions were consistent with standard protocol. But I don’t disagree with them on that point. I never did.
Translation of first sentence: I don't want to answer for my bullshit so I'm going into hiding.

Translation of second sentence: The laws and rules shouldn't apply to me. Even if I'm treated equally I have a problem because I don't want equality I want exceptions for me and my kind.

My point is this: regardless of whether it is consistent with standard procedure and protocol, I should not have been handcuffed to a table for a parking ticket.
Wahhhhhhh! My feeeelz! And once again it was because Perry had an arrest warrant. For x amount of days after receiving the ticket Perry was free as a bird. No one would have arrested her. All she had to do was pay her ticket. When she FAILED to do so, then she was what we call "in contempt of court". You flip the bird to the court, the court sics the dogs on you. Simple. So she was arrested because she chose to not pay her shit. Period. Why doesn't she understand this is her own fault? And she was driving on a suspended license. People get arrested and their cars towed and impounded for stuff like that. Say, did they impound her vehicle?
Moreover, if it were five parking tickets I should not have been handcuffed to a table. A parking ticket is not an indication that a person poses a physical threat.
Again, here she is trying to tell other people how to do their jobs. You know, most of the time, people who are handcuffed to a table aren't a threat to themselves or others. Every so often though, someone flips out and the cuffs keeps them in line. Also because everyone wants equal treatment, it means that "non-threats" get the same treatment as threats so later on, a lawyer can't say "but your honor, they don't cuff everybody..." So just like we all gotta take off our shoes at the security theatre that is TSA, You get to get cuffed to a table. Next time pay your parking ticket.
The “pat down” for weapons that I experienced at the hands of a male officer also did not make sense as I did not pose a physical threat and I was not stopped on suspicion of posing a violent threat to anyone.
When anyone is arrested they are searched. Not only for weapons but for other contraband. See, some people don't pay tickets and the like because they simply do not care about the law. The police don't know you. But here we have Perry explaining why she should get [more] deferential treatment.
And here is the point that goes far beyond my story: Perhaps if police officers were not authorized and encouraged to arrest people for small violations then Eric Garner and Sandra Bland would still be alive.
A) Sandra Bland hanged herself. Her family didn't give a shit that she needed 500 dollars and left her in that jail over the weekend. Her mother is now shilling for Hillary Clinton, while the short memory fools don't even recall that SHE left HER DAUGHTER in jail over 5 hundred dollars.

B) Eric Garner was killed under a liberal administration looking to "protect the children". But more to the point, had Garner simply cooperated, he'd be alive. Garner knew what he was doing was illegal and decided to do it anyway. We know the saying: Do the crime, do the time. Man up when the police come for you for what you know you did.

It was once against the law for my ancestors to read, to own property, to sit in the front of the bus. Hence, rules must be evaluated as to whether they meet standards of justice. Warrants for parking tickets do not meet such standards.
Translation: The laws should not apply to me and other black people because slavery, Jim Crow and all that.
We have evidence that warrants for violations are issued across the country in racially discriminatory fashion.
Yeah yeah, but YOU were doing 20 MPH over the speed limit, with a suspended license and a warrant out for your arrest due to YOU not paying YOUR ticket. What does the alleged "racially discriminatory fashion" have to do with YOUR PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY?
Note: I have never said that in my case that there was necessarily racial bias at work. I could not possibly know whether that was at issue. But I do know that I belong to the racial group to which this happens more frequently than any other.
Well she did say:
"I was treated inappropriately and disproportionately. The fact of my blackness is not incidental to this matter.''
That last part is what we call "high falutin'" talk for "I was arrested 'cause I'm black."
Moreover, as a consequence of the attention my words received in the media I have been subject to hundreds upon hundreds of racial slurs, gender slurs, threats and insults on social media, by telephone, on conservative blogs, and via email.
I will say this, I too have seen many many racial slurs sent Dr. Perry's way. Not even surprised by it. Won't even defend it. I have seen gender slurs directed her way. I won't denounce all of them because Perry herself made gender an issue when she discussed the topic. If she's going to use "vagina logic", then you get the insults you have coming to you. I don't agree with any threats to Perry's person in any way and encourage her to report those persons to the proper authorities. But I want to make note that she noted "conservative blogs". It is a damning commentary that she did not note that she was critiqued by those on "liberal blogs." There is simply no excuse for liberals to back Perry on her complete abandonment of her own personal responsibility in this matter. To use herself and her self created situation as some kind of example of black victimhood should not go unchecked by her so called supporters. Perry is and was *dead wrong* on all points and the people in her circle need to tell her so. Publicly.